How To Videos: Huntorials - New Episode 4 & 5


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Thanks Gene, this will come in really handy in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

ps haven't by any chance got a video for the mother mold making process have you?

you used mold max? right, i was about to order rebound 25 to do it brush on, but after seeing that perfect mold of yours maybe ill change . LOL


The molding process is kinda tricky.

It really is better shown in a video because there is a lot of stuff to explain.

Basic description is.

Take your model/sculpt.
Cover it is saran wrap.
Lay a 1/8" - 1/4" clay bed over the sculpt.
Make the registration keys in the clay bed. (I make vert/horiz lines)
Seal the clay with clear coat.
Then make your mother mold over the clay bed (fiberglass/plasti-paste)
Take off mother mold.
Take off clay bed.
Take off Saran wrap.
Put mother mold BACK over the sculpt.
Cut a pouring hole in the mother mold.
Pour in silicone.
His method basically makes a void for the silicone to perfectly fill.
Let dry.

The alternative is to brush on layer after layer of silicone (messy / wasteful).

I always found the brush on method made it very hard to get a solid registration with the mother mold. Because the surface was so rough and bumpy.

Thanks for all the support. It's a lot of work making these videos. Happy to do it as long as people are watching.

I wish I had some footage of making the mother mold. I can dig and see of there is some from the Boar video. It won't be anything fancy but at least you can get your eyes on what I am talking about here?

Anyone interested in seeing?

Thanks again amigos!


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Thanks again Gene for taking the time to take the video, edit and put funny references to Corona's in there as well! The only way for other people to learn is to teach and for you to take the time by doing this will give people the confidence they need. Thank you again Gene!


No no no Thank You sir and all the brethren of the Lair for inspiring me to share what little experience I have. Hopefully people can learn from my mistakes cuz I have made lots of them.
Party On fine sirs.


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Its good to have the video, but i thin i can make it , its easier for me to get the pour silicone than the brush on one, thanks again i have to put this turorial in to practice , Do you know an app for the ipad for video editing? I might take somes videos like this

Double H

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Hey Gene, thanks for the walk through, it will come in very handy. Have you got a picture of where you would cut the hole in the mother mold to pour the silicone in?


I will have to look at my notes to see the type of silicone used.... get back to you on that.

As for the pour hole, needs to be at the highest most point. I planned ahead and sculpted a HIGH section at the top of the helmet during the mother mod making process.


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Theres a thread that says "list of huntorials" in that thread i saw a picture of obe mold with the pouring spot, if you need reference go check it