Hulk Costume

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  1. made007

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    Post your wip in the rpf contest, i think you could win :)
  2. justice

    justice Unblooded

    WOW !!!! great job !!!! ...... I want one ..!!!!
  3. ninjabiker

    ninjabiker Blooded

    Brill costume build well done on this its fab.
  4. Air Elmo66

    Air Elmo66 Blooded

    This suit is sick. Best one I seen so far. Great work. Post more pics!!!!!

    DAVIDYR1 Hunter

    This is the most incredible build I've seen in a long time. I'm totally amazed, and watched your vids wiht a huge smile on my face.
    Looking forward to this one!

  6. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Okay so we finished the latex on the torso and legs, and are doing finishing touches on feet and hands (fingernails, veins, bone structure, etc...)

    Yesterday we spent several hours on veins. At first we used a technique we got of youtube to put tinfoil in a cookie sheet and make the veins on the tin foil. It worked ok but the veins seemed to flatten out and it was a pain in the but contouring the dried veins onto the body. After installing 3-4 veins I elected to just make veins on the suit itself which worked much better. The did not sink down and go flat on the suit because the suits surface was not slippery like the tin-foil. The veins are still wet but when they dried the color was still more yellow then the base suit. The color we mixed in the latex was too cartoon Hulk green as you can see in the picture and video, suprisingly the suit color looks much different in the sun than interior lighting.


    To get the coloration more in the real of the Avengers Hulk I went out and bought a air brush and compressor. I never used an airbrush before so I watched some online airbrushing videos.

    Oh and By the way Hulk doesn't fit through doorways or hallways.

    Will post more tomorrow it's late and I'm too tired to add more details tonight.

    DAVIDYR1 Hunter

    That is soooo awesome!

  8. oneuglymf

    oneuglymf Blooded

    WOW!!!! Amazing work. What is the durability like so far with the foam you used. For someone who hasn't used an airbrush before, you're doing a bang-up job.
  9. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    The last pictures and video I posted was just latex with green and yellow die pigment in it. It looks to much like the cartoon Hulk. Here is a picture of the first two airbrushed layers, I added a thin layer of beige to lighten it up and some yellow to get rid of the cartoon green and make it look like the Avengers Hulk. I haven't done any airbrushing on the feet yet so you can see the difference between the base latex coat versus the airbrushed layers.


    My wife also added velcro at the waist to connect the top and bottom halves and it works really great, made the costume stiffer to move around in but visually you can't tell it is stiffer. This video was taken before the airbrushed layers so its just the latex base and it looks way different outside than it does in interior lighting.

    PS. Hulk is naked in the video, we will put the pants on after all painting has been finished. LOL

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  10. khan

    khan Blooded

    thats amazing,i have to try that're making one hell of a suit,love it (y)
  11. oneuglymf

    oneuglymf Blooded

    Amazing! Can't wait to see it finished. Will you go with purple pants?
  12. eaglewood

    eaglewood Hunter

    This is WAYYYY freaking cool-- awesome job!!!!!
  13. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Here is the Hulk suit after todays work. Did shadowing on the torso and legs and finished the feet and hands (including attaching latex nails). Tomorrow I will be sealing all of the pieces. The feet and hands came out more yellow than they were supposed to so I am going to fix that tomorrow and then do some painting on the Hulk mask to get the color to match my hulk suit. Then all that is left is the pants so no more naked Hulk running around.

    I will post the final test fit video tomorrow with the suit completed.

    PS. Airbrushing is hard and airbrushing with the color black is a major pain in the butt!




  14. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    Love the way this is coming, for a person thats using an airbrush for the first time your doing an exellent job, the feet detail is awesome, now put some pants on LOL
  15. REYALS

    REYALS Elite Hunter

    Haaaaaa, this is excellent! You have definitely created a Hulk that will be sure to turn heads.

    Awesome build buddy... AWESOME build!
  16. xdmray

    xdmray Elite Hunter

    looking really good. i have one critique for ya. go back over your shadowing with a very light misting of your base color green. right now the shadows are a bit too prominent. if you just dust em a bit, it will take the edge off of em. especially the back of the hands and the feet.

    cheers. you are doing some really good work here.
  17. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    I redid the feet and hands tonight they are way better now. It was 3 am when I painted them and got sloppy with black. Lol

    Everything is finished completely except the pants. We are putting them on now. No they aren't going to be purple.
  18. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Here are the pictures of the finished Incredible Hulk Costume. It turned out fantastic. Moves around very easily and looks like the real Hulk walking around. Will post some videos when I get them. We won the best overall Costume award at the party for those who were wondering.

    Front picture, when I paint around my eyes to match the mask then it looks much better, see bottom photo for example. Also notice that the feet and hands match the rest of the suit perfectly now.

    The pants turned out really good, I like the bursting tear we put on the right side.

    The black on the spine is not really that dark in real life the camera made it look that way. It did hide the velcro seem well though.



    Here is a picture of me and my brother getting ready for the party, he is 5'11" 215 lbs for size comparison. Also notice that I painted my eyes to match the mask so the skin color no longer sticks out.

    After action items that are still open. I am going to cut vent holes in strategic locations (armpits, back, etc...) and likely install a ventilation fan unit or two. I also want to install a speaker with an activation switch for a true Hulk roar that would match the suit. I also may redo the finger-nails and toe-nails to increase the realism a bit more.

    Wish I had a video handy right now to show you guys how cool this thing looks moving around, stay tuned and I will put one up in the next day or so.
  19. Felconer

    Felconer Young Blood

    Truly amazing!!!!!
  20. seahunterr

    seahunterr Hunter

    One of my favorites! Awesome work on this suit!
  21. eaglewood

    eaglewood Hunter

    This was sickkk, epic, awesome and any other word that everyone is using now

    Great job--congratulations for sure.
  22. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    Wow! Do me one of
  23. XPredX

    XPredX Unblooded

    You would never get me out of this suit, hahaha. Very nice indeed. This suit needs one of the Mega Stomp Panic soundboxes from ThinkGeek!
  24. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Thanks guys. I love the suit it is very fun to wear and when storming around it moves people of of ones way very well. Lol

    The kids love it. Wednesday we are going to take some decent group pics of our avenger costumes because it was too crowded at the party and pics turned out mediocre at best.

    Never seen one if those boxes gonna look it up sounds like a good idea.
  25. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Ok so Halloween was great, our whole Avengers team went to the local mall to take our kids trick or treating. We didn't make it far at all before we grid locked the whole place with people snapping photos of our costumes, the kids and wives had to go on without us. It was pretty funny.

    Here are some pic's of the rest of the team.



    I have a bunch more fun pictures that we took too, just haven't had time to load them all up.

    I did enter my Hulk Costume in RPF's 2012 costume contest so anyone who wants to vote for me when voting opens up that would be cool. :) Voting opens up Nov 5-9.


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