Hulk Costume

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by biopredator, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    You have my vote,great avengers crew btw
  2. Looks awesome bud. I think you captured it nicely.
  3. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Thanks guys. This was my first really big build and now I'm hooked. I am still going to do a P1 suit but need a little break as the huge took a lot of time and energy.
  4. CalgaryBound

    CalgaryBound Blooded

    You definately have my vote your costume is amazeing.The Hulk has been my favorite character since I was a kid and you captured it perfect.
  5. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Looks like I tied for first place in the contest guys. Thanks everyone that voted for me. :)
  6. deserthunter

    deserthunter Young Blood

    Excellant work. Really amazing
  7. Double H

    Double H Elite Hunter

    Excellent work my friend, this is on of the most detailed and amazing costumes that I have seen to date. You have raised the bar to another level in the costuming world, it's an extraordinary journey that you have gone on and I stand for us all when I say thank you for sharing your journey and allowing us to be apart of it.

    I love threads like this that show you how something came together, in the development stages to completion. It goes to show just the amount if work has gone into the build, the things you learn from it and the builders commitment to all the finest of details
  8. Magus

    Magus Unblooded

    Amazing outfit!
  9. Maximuspred

    Maximuspred Blooded

    Wow , fantastic great job
  10. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Finally got a video of the finished Hulk up on youtube.  We took the suit to the mall with our entire Avengers crew on Halloween Night, it was crazy!

    Here is a video of the finished Hulk Costume moving around with the whole Avengers crew at the local mall Halloween night.

  11. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    You see, i told you you could win :)
  12. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Veteran Hunter

    Bloody awesome!!!
  13. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    made007, you are the man, I wouldn't have even entered if you hadn't suggested it.  Thanks bro!
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  14. Canalien

    Canalien Blooded

    I am Blown Away !!Kudos Hulkster:)
  15. sidewayz

    sidewayz Blooded

    You sir are full of win
  16. jasonx

    jasonx Blooded

    dude that is just sweeeeet love it
  17. ThePriest

    ThePriest Blooded

    VERY SWEET ! man i hope my friends don't see this . they will want me to make them one . Now go smash !!!!!!
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  18. Mr Fett

    Mr Fett Elite Hunter

    Very cool costume! Nice work on the foam carving!
  19. alphatech686

    alphatech686 Hunter

    Dude I just stumbled across this. Very excellent job. Very nicely done.
  20. ShowOFF

    ShowOFF Unblooded

    It looks awesome!
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  21. ElDonNasty

    ElDonNasty Unblooded

    Great stuff man. By far one of the best I've seen
  22. DJ Akuma

    DJ Akuma Hunter

    I had no idea that you are in SLC. It was great to see you at the SLCC today. Great Hulk!!
  23. biopredator

    biopredator Unblooded

    Dj Akuma it was great seeing you too. Sorry been a long time since I have been on here. I have some more pic's of the Hulk build I have collected over the last two years.

    Pictures with the real Hulk, my friend Loui.



    Pic's from Salt Lake 2013 Comic Con




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  24. alphatech686

    alphatech686 Hunter

    This is such a well done costume. I saw it on Youtube. Didn't realize the build was here. Great work
  25. Maniak

    Maniak Blooded

    Hold on am I the only one that noticed you have a Freeking TANK on your front yard! Thats Awesome!!!!!! lol

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