Human/yautja Hybrid

Shadow girl

A human/Yautja hybrid is probably the most interesting thing a person can think of. Yes their are those who are predator fans and xenomorph fans. But not everyone can be a predator. So e of us are two short. And a classic size is around 7 ft tall so a 6ft tall person can definitely play that part almost perfectly, but if your only 5 feet tall its pretty hard, this is where I come in personally as being only 5'3" and so my costume will be a hybrid. And a girl nonetheless. But I order to get recognition you need to have base elements like the technology, the cloths, and possibly some sort of identifying acial feature. So my only last issue is making some of the techno stuff, like a combi stick. So. Definitely need help. Does anybody here make this? I am limited in my building ability is making a combi stick but I am in great need of one for my costume?


I'm 5'6", and have a full suit.  I've never had anyone tell me I was too short, nor say I didn't look like a predator. 



Hybrids are not screen accurate, plus, biologically, it doesn't make a bunch of sense.
But all the power to you, haha.


I'm only 5'5", but I can cheat---since I use my costumes and props only for fan films, and don't do any conventions, I can use film techniques to make myself look bigger and tower over all the other characters.  ;)


In the weapons and armor forum there is one pinned about pepakura files....there are like three different Pred combi sticks in the large downloadable files on page 28 of that thread. 


You can get some 6 " lifts in the feet as well.. and that with how tall the heads are you would come off around 6' .... just a thought. But a hybrid is an interesting concept. Best of luck.


If you want you could be Machiko Noguchi, as long as you don't mind showing off some skin.