I Want To Go Too! Please Vote


Done! Gotta vote for my Pred brother, I'm the other Pred on there. Might you be interested in suiting up for a promo gig in Brunswick, Ga. March 21st-23rd? Lmk...


Thanks guys, and paintninja- i personally cannot wear the suit because I built it to fit a friend of mine who was 6 foot 7. Me and a few of my friends were going to make a 3o-45 min prequal to predators with the same pred characters and new crew of people...showing more into the charactistics of the preds cause I liked the feel of predators but over all thought it was dull compaiered the originals. Anyhow my friend that was going to play the pred had to move out of state and my guy that was going to do my adobe after effects stuff dissapeared on me so the suit...as with the berserker suit, is collecting dust sad to say.