idea for cannon F/X



Hey guys,

just had an idea: I was trying to empty my camera flash's rechargeable battery and thought, has anyone ever tried adding that as F/X for a cannon??

My idea was this: build the flash into the cannon, make the barrel hollow, so that one can't see the bulb but when you fire the flash, the light get's reflected out through the barrel and possibly through little holes to the sides...

...creating a plasmacaster firing effect. Whaddaya think? Should be doable...

You'd maybe have to cover the barrels inside with chrome color or tinfoil to increase the amount of reflected light.

like this:

Obviously, I'd try it myself, if I had a cannon to try it on...but I don't.
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Round Hammer

I think I've read on here about someone doing this. You've got to be carefull. The charge on those flash units pack a punch. Touch the wrong lead and you'll wake up on the floor.