IGUN's HELLoween Bash '08!!


Woot!! Had my very first outing in the pred suit last night!! It was a blast!! I had people taking pic of me all night, telling me "your costumes so awesome!!", etc... I'm still high from it. I was really worried about the heat in the latex, and I gotta say, even in a hot club, it wasn't too bad. The latex also held up awesome. 4 hours and no sweat damage or ripping... nothing. And I'm definitely glad I cut a small air hole in the mouth made it much easier to breathe. Getting the mask off to drink was the worst!! Was a 2 man job. Then holding the cup of water wasn't as easy I though eather LOL

Then at like 1 am they started the costume contest. Basicly the 4 DJs picked their 2 favorite suits. They started calling up all the others as once 7 people were up there I was like "Are you kidding?? I'm not in the top 8??" Then the Gothfather said "And our final contestant is..... THE PREDATOR!!!" So I jumped up there and started doing all these pred movements and the crowd was going nuts!! So then the Gothfather would put his hand above you and the crowd would choose. First guy to go home with nothing was a dancing bear. the four to go home with a pas for a free tat or peircing was Waldo, Scarecrow from Oz, jack in the box, and something else. Finally it was Predator, dead chick, and Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit won third ($50). Here's what really pissed me off. I won second place and got $75 bucks while the worst put together costume won. She painted herself green and put on a crappy wig and pink dress.... WTF?!?!? And I wasn't the only one... Half the club came up to me and said "That's BS... you should have won first!!" But oh well... I still got money and still had ablast... But next year... the predator will DOMINATE!!!

So here's some pics my friend Jason posted


Me and Jason


Me... I was getting tired


Roaring for the crowd... ROAR!!!


Veteran Hunter
His myspace is private, we cannot see the pics sorry

sounds like you were robbed but had a good time :D


Great stuff for a first outing and you won money to boot! How cool is that?! :D

Was the 'dead girl' not wearing much and showing a lot of skin? Those types tend to take 1st prize a lot at club comps it seems.


woohooo, awesome. and yeah, i know that feeling, me and my friend went out last night, he was dressed as spawn and omg the number of ppl that came up to us rocked. we never won any money for fancydress, they kept giving us alcohol????? never touched it they were crappy disposable shot things with lids so brought them home
your suit looks good and i am surprised you managed to stay on the water :D


It's not about the winning (although, it is nice) - the crowds are what we Pred for

Great job on your costume, glad u had a great time! :D


you DEFINANTLY got robbed...but it sounds like you had alot of fun & isnt that what its all about...the suit looks KILLER!!!


Your suit looks great! Sorry to hear you didn't take first place but at least you still won some cash from it. When it comes to Predators in costume contests, it's usually a landslide victory or highway robbery. This year, I lost one contest for a trip for two to Vegas to some guy who dressed up as Derek Zoolander! Although, I didn't feel all that bad about it because I'd already won $1000 the day before.