In the Company of Heroes



This is about the fourth thread I've made about this topic, but hey, whatever.

Taken from the site:

Thanks to the hollywood movie Black Hawk Down, hundreds, if not thousands, of people are aware of the events that took place on October Third and Fourth of 1993.

One of the most symbolic and emotional scenes in the movie is when the second helicopter crashes, and the two Delta snipers insert and die saving the pilot. After researching that particular event, I was astounded to find the amount of details that were missing and the inaccuracies in the film.

I felt compelled to make an accurate version. I felt that the scene in the official movie was just that; a scene. It was no longer than ten minutes long, and to me that doesn't justify these men's bravery. There are hundreds of stories like this one, but I was attracted to this one in particular.

What we are trying to accomplish here is to make the most accurate and respectful account of the event.

On that day, in Mogadishu, Somalia, the United States planned an attack to secure two high-ranking officers following Mohammed Farrah Aidid, a militia-leader-turned-political-icon who controlled much of the country.

The mission went fine, until the lead Blackhawk, Super Six One, was shot down by RPG fire.

Going in to secure the site, Super Six Four was also hit and crashed near the outskirts of the city. With two helicopters down in Mogadishu, most of the US forces were consolidated at the first crash site. Aware of this, and the fact that a ground convoy could not reach the second crash site in time before it got overrun, the snipers aboard Super Six Two volunteered to help.

After inserting two snipers at the Six Four crash site, Super Six Two was shot and returned to base, leaving Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart to defend the crash site among themselves, surrounded by an entire country. The only thing in their mind was to honor a written rule:

Never leave a fallen comrade in the hands of the enemy.
The script tooks months to compile, full of information and accurate events from both Mark Bowden's Black Hawk Down, and CWO4 (Ret.) Michael J. Duran'ts own book, In The Company of Heroes.

The crew behind this film has spent five months so far, going over certain details on that day, to get this movie as accurate and respectful as possible.

The aforementioned details include what the crash site actually looked like, 1993 era gear, weapons, and such historical facts.

I've had a few people inquire about the actual crash site. I am a very ambitious person, and I will settle the debate here for good.

The crash site design is nearly 100% accurate, accounting for details in photographs and described by Michael Durant and Mark Bowden.

The only Computer Generated Images you may find in the film will be the beggining scenes, which require Black Hawk helicopters to be airborne.

Anything other than that, including the crash site, will be practical.

So to answer all the questions: Yes, we are building a full 16' by 64' helicopter, surrounded by buildings.
I'm location scouting today and tomorrow to find a field (preferrebly 8,000 sq. ft.) to build a set. I have location contracts that the owners will sign that allow me to build temporary sets.

I also have three 3ft x 6ft cardboard slabs, and I am getting a lot more soon. A majority of the buildings will be made from the type of insulation foam that comes in big boards. It's about and inch thick and really cheap.

Wish me luck on this project, and be sure to keep your eyes on this thread and the site for updates and pictures/videos!



Unfortunately due to planning, I couldn't location scout yesterday or today. But what I did do today was get started on the miniature city.

I feel like the guys that worked on Star Wars...

Anyways, I made the crash site nearly 100% accurate to the real one.

The miniature city will be 1:64 scale (that's the size of the model helicopter I have.)

According to my calculator and bad math skills, the whole thing (12 city blocks) will be 6.6 feet by 9 feet, quite a big miniature, but detailed enough for the shots I need from it.

I'm still not done, I'll get pictures up soon.

Of course, the full scale set I will be building (out of the same materials; foam board and cardboard) will only be one of these city "blocks.." A small park that the helo crashed in.

Expect big things coming!


Kepp us updated Colin, sounds like you've got everything planned and mapped out pretty well. Give me a shout if you need any help or tips with fx.


I've uploaded some photos of the miniature.

It's far from finished, I still have several more buildings to make and I have to weather everything...





That's about 4ftx4ft. The finished miniature will be 6ft x 9ft, and it will sit on location, behind one of the fullscale buildings.