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A short while ago, as you all know Mr Huntr posted a thread on painting a P1 stunt.
Thanks. A fantastic Huntorial.

To be fair he made painting with sponges look so easy. I remember thinking to myself 'is it that easy?'

So I'm sat in my living room this evening thinking of what I could do. Sod all on the telly. Wife is in work so annoying her is out etc.

I know, I'll have a bash at painting my P2 stunt with some sponges.

Have to say, I haven't touched this bio since I got it a few weeks ago.

A trip down to my garage found a jar of antique gold enamel, a jar of metalic black enamel, a jar of red enamel, a rattle can of green spray and a tube of car touch up silver. **** it! I'll have a go with these and see what happens. So I grabbed my raw bio and gave it a damn good thrashing.

About half hour later....

May do a little bit more but great results.
Predatrhuntr... Cudos fella.
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Excellent work! I'd keep going with more layers. To me, paint doesn't start looking like real metal until there are at least 6 layers of different colors. You can't go wrong when you paint over only adds to the metallic effect and makes it more realistic...good work bro!


Two questions, Are you planning on cutting the eyes out? and what did you prime it with? I'm itching to start painting my P1 stunt, though I was worried about painting it before cutting the eyes out (I can't justify buying a Dremel just yet),


Definately gona get more layers. Got some more paints and colours today. I was just so happy with the results in such a short time I had to post.

The eyes will be cut out and lenses added. I Just grabbed it and started sponging to see what it would look like. No primer. Saying that I'm gona re do my white P1 stunt first using this method to see how that turns out.

Love trying new ways of doing stuff. New to me anyway.


As I said above I wanted to use this methos of painting on my white p1 stunt.

Colours used are Plasicote water based enamels including jade, old gold metalic, brass metalic, copper metalic, red and black.
I used plasticote paints before on other stuff and find that the metalics are very life like and reflective. If you look at the right hand side cheek area (as you look in the pic) you can see the almost rainbow effect light reflection that the brass is giving off. To be fair the pics are not doing this much justice.

So anyway I was trying to get a dirty bronze liiking effect here and I think that the results aint too bad for my second try with this paint method. Also chucked some dirt on the lenses and hoses.

The awkeward part was giving the glossy white a good key for the water based paints to stick. I took so many layers to cover the white but goyt there easily enough.

Here's a few pics, two taken with a flash and two without plus one of the bio when it was white.
Please let me know what you guys think? All comments are more than welcome.
Thanks to Predatrhuntr again for the superb tutorial and inspiration.
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Thanks Man. Appreciated.
I even run a heat gun over it briefly to get a few blisters and then popped them and used them as a feature in the weathering.
All in all I'm very pleased with the results.
Although my wife isnt too pleased that its now hanging in our dining room.