Is it just me.....


Oh yea, man, that guy is so damn helpful and cool, I hate that!!

I remember when I was getting into collecting garage kits and he totally helped me out and hooked me up with contacts, I mean...the NERVE of that guy!



Or is Faken a complete A-Hole ???
ROFL, you're such an idiot Vin LOL!

Guys, I suggest you all take my advice and add this guy to your ignore list before he drives you all nuts :) This is Steve, a good and long time friend of mine... for those of you that saw my AVP Narin Dio and my Billiken builds, this is the guy that made them for me :)

Billiken: [URL=""][/URL]

AVP Dio: [URL=""][/URL]

And this sick part is he did this all with BRUSHES! No AB used at all...

Welcome aboard dude, now if you'll excuse me, I need to ban you ;)