Is There Bondo Equivalent In Uk Or Other Brand?

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Hello fellow hunters,

I was looking into reinforcing my budget bio and to get rid of all the obvious masking tape masks that show through the paint work as well as to give it a more smooth kinda shape to it (filling in holes, gaps and imperfection etc) so I was thinking of getting some sort of car body filler like bondo or equivalent to cover it. But, I am based in the UK and bond is not really supplied here so was looking at it equivalent.

Then I found something called 'David's ISOPON P40 glass fibre repair paste' here the link

so I was wondering if that is any good to use or should I used a different product?

Any advice is appreciated (y)

Thanks in advance guys

That should work just find. All you want to get is a polyester based autobody filler, and it is the same the world over so if you go into any body shop, or auto parts shop, they will have it. A friend of mine in the UK uses that brand you mentioned.


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Thats the fibreglass one dude, use it if you wish but it will be hard to sand and not really good for small areas.

you could use P38 which is for smaller stuff and does not contain fibreglass, it will be easier to sand also.

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Cool thanks guys, will look into buying the P38 as you say seems like the easier use option. Just thought the fiberglass one would strengthen it a lil more but if difficult to sand by hand then not worth the while.


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Hi guys,

Just a quick one again. I bought my vapour mask or respirator today but then stumbled across something called 'Plastic Padding - Chemical Metal'. Apparently its suitable for using as an epoxy and a filler which dries hard in 10 minutes. It can also be sanded, filed, demmeled etc. Does anyone know if it would be any good for use to cover up imperfections on my bio?

Here a link

Let me know what you think, any help is appreciated.