It sounds like a silly question, but bear with me...




I am painting a P2 and I was hoping someone could give me a basic paint guide. It sounds like a silly question (particularly since I enjoy looking through the forums every day), but I am colour-blind so my idea of colour is *totally* skewed.

I have mostly Liquitex paints so using those as an example...

Parchment for base skin tone.
Transparent red oxide??? for red/orange/brown markings on skin.
Black for spots on skin.
Copper weathered with black/burnt umber? for mask
??? weathered with black/burnt umber? for armor

Any help would be really great!

Oh, and one more question... what would be a good brown to use on a P1 head?

I have seen the great paint guides for the P1 and P2 on the site and can follow them in terms of getting the patterning right - my problem is getting the colour right.