It's ALIVE!!!! Mwhahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!



The Uber Cannon, a masterpiece of InterCell sculpting by Shataan/Gary J. is finally here as a complete casting!!

Before you say, "'s another cannon. Yay." this is no ordinary prop.

The cannon is roto-cast hollow and weighs in at under 2 lbs.(Wow!) and has plenty of room inside for flash effects, servos, battery power and secret stashes. The plasma generator can be accessed by means of a removable disc on the laser side of the cannon. The pump section is set into a groove with a pin that allows it to slide back and forth! The laser site is going to be hollow to allow for electronics and laser or LED lighting.

Here are a few pics of Uber Cannon #1.(Going to our upcoming CIC, Dan/Fakenrite)





It's a more complex casting and assembly process than the Ready-to-Fire Jensen/Pirkle Big Gun, so takes a couple days longer to make one. But, in my opinion, I think it's well worth the time and effort.

This is definitely the cannon by which all other cannons to come will be measured. Great job, Gary!!!

We've got a list going already, but are more than happy to add some more names to it!

Contact myself or Shataan for more info or to get on the list!

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Shai tan

Thx all. 9 months ago I had absolutely no inkling I`d ever be able to make these props. I have been lucky to meet some decent peeps who could help me bring them to life and give back to the community. As long as its fun, I hope I can come up with a few more surprises before the magic goes away.


I was sure Gary posted the size before in another thread topic.

At my last measurement, it came out to over 15" long in extended position.

I don't drink soda, so I don't have a can handy. LOL


Shai tan

Almost 16 inches in the Ready To Fire position. This baby is BEEFY! If ya put it side by side with Pirks/mine earlier AVP cannon release, the old one will prolly fit nicely inside this new one. In your hand, this baby feels substantial, and more or less real. Imho. Pirk can add what he thinks. But i am betting he is of the same mind as me on the size/feel.

Shai tan

Well, pm Pirk. He is teh man! hehhhe We are thinking of making THIS cannon really.... really... Limited. This makes the having of one more dare I say it? Special. Coveted? I dunno. Cooler? There will not be many of the UBERs going out there.


ok how do i pm him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god im poo with computers..i don't think they will ever catch on,i can't see every house having one


My cannon has arrived and it's BADASS!!!! I'll be posting a full review on Sunday but just a huge congrats to everyone that was involved in this project!