Just arrived! Full size Yoda and Killer Kits Kong!


Been awhile since I posted a haul, let alone a non-predator haul... so here's some sweet goodies that came in this week...

First off is a fullsize Yoda sculpted, built and painted by Howard S Studios (He sculpted a bust version of this for Sideshow's Yoda bust). This piece features real glass eyes, hair, leather pouch and belt, and real material cloak. It's the second one he has ever built and the last, so I'm glad I got it

And my attempt at the humorous "In Yur" cat photos you see floating around on the net... ;)

Next up is the Killer Kits Kong kit, which is easily the best Kong sculpt I have ever seen, and Joe's paint job is just dead on. I especially love the second pic, looks like it walked right off the screen...

For anyone going to Wonderfest this year, this kit will be available at the Killerkits table again.

Thanks for looking

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me starts chanting.

HOLY ****......HOLY ****..........HOLY ****.........HOLY ****

The force is strong with these 2.

**** sorry i couldnt resist that, both amazing peices.


Gotta say that the Yoda kit is AWESOME!! That is one hell of a score you've aquired. Although not a fan of Kong I'm forced(although I didn't really need alot of pursuasion) to agree that the paint job really does bring the ugly monkey to life. Yeah yeah I know he's an ape. Don't start giving me hassle. Anyway very nice indeed


2 model worthy pieces. I love the Kong, but the Yoda is my favorite.......

Have a soft spot for that little guy.....

Killer stuff buddy......



Pretty damn cool man, how are you displaying the Yoda? ;)

The kong kit looks nice and well done...but we all know Godzilla would ruin his **** any day of the week.