Just Brought A Predator Mask....


ok so i was browsing ebay a few months back..... and i stumbled across this mask.... 0 bids. and only like 2 or 3 days to go...

it was at $200. with 4 or 5 on the hit marker... so not many visits at all..the title was spelt wrong... as was alot of the words on the description. when i typed in predator, nothing came up... all the possible combos.. bust, mask, head, prop, etc etc nothing.. so i can only assume i spelt it wrong in the search

i waited.. till the last second then put a cheeky bid on it.... i won it... no1 bid on it at all... i was like omg...

on recived it i was godsmacked at the detail.... a few imperfections.... the foam dreads had a few rips but easlily repaired...

a few months later i guy contacted me saying he was a collector.... saying it was something like a stan winston replica or summet.......... i have no idea..... but he offered me £900 for it..... do i take it? do i keep it? have i fallen on a littel gem here?

i love the film bu know nothing about the types of mask that where created.. who created them... i just wanted a statue..,,

i have since then purchaed a bio mask and manaquie bust and im looking for the check plates and shoulder cannon..

but yeh if any1 can shed any light... i would be very grate full..
here are the pics




kind regards



It looks like a Scott Marshall mask to me. He does great work. Be carefull of scams. I would keep it myself.Hope this helps you. If it's worth alot because it"s a Stan Winston mask it would be worth more later down the road. If you want to look on ebay put in ( predator prop.)


OMG ive just googled it and it gave me this thread!!!


This is the one i brought............. the pics on this where the ones on the ebay advert... some dude in london sold it to me....


So yes my questions where answred, its a scott marshall, Yeh I'm going to keep it, i want to get hold of the maker to see if I can get a torso. But on researching it seems he's a mission to get hold of.

does anyone have contact email?

Also sorry for double thread posting, I was being a eager beaver.... :-/


Very nice find mate,if I were you I would keep it, again awesome find and very lucky to get it for that price well done,happy hunting and welcome to the lair ;-)


i know ye.... im mean i litterely have no idea about mask and predator stuff... i wish i would have found this site alot earlier..... it would of been a big help... im just a big fan of predator. :) not met many people who are geek about this.. so i feel very welcome :)