Just one more reason for me to wonder about EBay...



Ebay pulled my original "Ancient One" Elder-style hunter mask that has been one of my top sellers each month and an important chunk of my income. I'm not entirely sure if someone just complained about it to have it pulled or if Fox really thinks that an original, unique sculpt will upset their numbers this century. It doesn't look like any of the hunter characters out there. Watch out for the VERO-troopers!

Nibs is going to re-word the title and description a little to see if that works.

Plus, EBay is now doing something called "Search Blackouts". This is when your item will not come up in search results for a specific amount of time. No word has been given as to whether sellers will be re-imbursed for the customer traffic lost during these blackouts. I think EBay is just finding ways to steal money from sellers and increase their profit margins without having to provide a consistent, honest service.

I used to enjoy my Ebay selling experiences. But now they are just coming up with ways to piss me off.

Now they are no better than any other frikkin corporation to me. Out for an extra buck and customer service is out the window.

Start looking for other auction sites. EBay is going down.

This concludes my rant......for the moment.



We need a FILM prop/memorabilia/stuff auction site, but i fear that would suffer from the copyright thing also .


Be careful about rewording and relisting. I just got suspended for the same thing. If we all go to another auction site together, it just may work!


I guess the thing is, that no matter how "original" your elder mask is design-wise, it will still be clearly distinguishable as a Predator mask. So I wouldn't think that your not copying off screencaps will be of any help, the figure/design/character copyrights would still be violated, if you take my meaning.

I'm sorry for that, it's not as if whoever owns the rights could lose any money over this since they're not producing any masks yours would compete with.


Oh, it gets even better...

Due to VERO's very militaristic, shoot-first copyright police, even if your item is a completely original work from your own imagination, say, your Hamdinger Warrior Crest, anyone can still have it shut down by reporting you to EBay and VERO. No evidence is needed to do this. EBay does not investigate the claims. They just shut the auctions down without a second thought.

So the artist ends up being guilty until proven innocent through about two weeks of correspondence until it evidence is presented to get your auction listings back up.

I even had one of my original design,custom zombie masks pulled!! It was an orignal piece with no reference from any media source except my warped imagination.

Something is terribly wrong there.


Master Hobbs

WFT?!?.....i heard that the fat cats at ebay were working touble time, but taking down a desigin by yourself is just plain CRAZY


It's the competition...observe which auctions are getting pulled, and which are not. It may also be a third party only interested in stopping any sales. Ebay needs to correct the way they pull an auction.


im not shure if only using a 3 day listing would stop some it get it sold before they have a chance to spot it. its looking like everyone that wants to sell things like the predator stuff they sculpted will have to satrt up there own websites and sell it directly. its gonna limit the amount of people that see it though. yeah ebay is defintaly getting out of control.


It makes it a lot easier for for people with grudges to get back at you through VERO.

I'm really concerned that this is even allowed to happen. EBay doesn't seem to care much about the sellers anymore.

March of 2005, Deb and I attended a wondeful convention called EBay Live. It was a venue for the company and the sellers to meet and discuss ways to make Ebay and even better experience. We had a blast and really had the feeling that EBay cared about it's service to sellers.

Shortly thereafter, EBay raised it's fees. Sellers were very disappointed with the reasons and excuses.

This last March, there was an Ebay Live in Las Vegas. From what I heard, it was a big disappointment to any sellers that had attended and a small turnout overall. Many sellers were still miffed by the rate increases and refused to attend.

Then there was the latest fee hike in sellers Ebay "stores" and the removal of the stores from search engines. The reasoning for this was that "the products in sellers e-stores were all junk and were causing EBay to lose money".(Not true. They still get their listing fees from every item posted on the site)
Between that and the "we can do whatever we want, deal with it" attitude has lead to the problems existing today when dealing with EBay.

Thus, the exodus has begun, of sellers moving to other auction sites.

I'm not sure if Ebay will be able to recover from this without doing a major 360 back towards customer service.



Savage Yautja

So what sites are people migrating to from Evilbay for auctioning off their stuff?


HiBidder is one of several that Deb and I going to start using regularly. It's a brand spankin' new auction site that is under a year old and just now getting noticed by the internet community.

If FeeBay doesn't start straightening up and flying right, by the middle of next year, all of out merchandise and customers will be directed there, instead of the Bay.



There are several auction sites that are creeping up on eBay.

You can go here to check out the list. It's updated every hour.

Power Sellers Unite

I've checked out many of these sites.

Yahoo - forget it. Fees and no buyers, plus a lot of fraud.

Bidville - Maybe, but fees are climbing close to ebay's

MightyBids - Forget it. Bad setup and too many fees, plus they took a huge nosedive in the rankings a few months ago.

EBid (UK, US, AU, CA) - is a good site to check out. Steady and growing.

Overstock - No way. No buyers, no sales, no interest in the unique items like props.

ECrater - Sort of a website store. Monthly fee, easy to setup.

EPier - No way. No buyers, no interest, don't like the fee structure

WagglePop - I will never sell or buy there. Tried them a couple of years ago. They closed their site and everyone was stuck. They restarted again this year, but bad customer service and hard to navigate.

BlueJay - Not sure, never checked this one out

TazBar - Never heard of them before. Never checked them out.

HiBidder - Up and coming. No listing fees, No store fees, No extra feature fees (Highlight, Bold, Featured, etc). Final Fee (ex .01 - $100) = .10 cents. Super low Final Fees.

QXL - Not our kind of selling venue

The rest on that list are super slow starters and have fee structures similar to ebay, but not as much $$$