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Discussion in 'Predator Fan Art' started by MAULER666, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. MAULER666

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    So I was pretty quiet last week, spent my evenings making some Predator foam costumes for my kids to wear to Armageddon (our local comic/anime geek-off) It was a whole lotta fun and frustration having never done anything like this before. We used EVA foam, cardboard, paper mache a shitload of hot glue and plenty of swear words (exclusively by me that last one lol) Glad to say they were a massive Hit at our Armageddon and people were asking to take their pics constantly. So my girls became Tundra Hunters and my son Snake Eyes, preds with star wars geeks.jpg cheers for looking, sorry I only have so few pics. preds snake eyes.jpg preds snake eyes.jpg preds snakes eyes 2.jpg preds snakes eyes 2.jpg

    preds with star wars geeks.jpg
  2. Isubomo

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    Woot! You're kids look awesome bro! Seems like you all had loads of fun! Mean as! (y)(y)(y)
  3. MAULER666

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    Cheers Nuts, was a great day and I met a guy who was interested in what I used for the dreads and after abit of info exchange he turns out to be a fellow Predatorium member, small world ae.
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    Nice work on the tundra hunters!
  5. Isubomo

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    Did you get his forum name by any chance? :)
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