Kmikzeken's Wip (Pic Heavy)


Thanks guys!  Much like everyone else, I had a Halloween party to attend this past Saturday.  My first successful hunt, and alpha test if you will.  I definitely have some kinks to work out before C2E2 in April, but overall I am still over the moon with this build.  Thanks to everyone who has offered advice/criticism and for those who have followed my build.  Here are a few of the many pictures that were taken, all of them were outside as I couldn't fit into the house with this thing on!





Young Blood

How did your finger buttons work. I used resistive sensor on my fingers going to the A/D. Although they were thin they broke. I also found the gloves/hands very quickly filled with sweat and started messing with the sensors readings.

Due to the weather my suit got a lot of damage. I fell twice, hurting my rib and arm, lol.


Sorry to hear your suit and your body suffered damage!  My electronics held up without issue, thankfully.  All of my connections that would have had contact with sweat were heavily covered in heat shrink and electrical tape, so they stayed nice and dry.  I'm going to try to change out the switch for my cannon LED though, as it is a bit more difficult to operate than originally thought....


So I had one last suit up before the rest of the Halloween (non predator related) festivities began.  Local trick or treaters were surprisingly accepting of this monstrosity...



How long to get back on your suit buddy?
Last week I was able to touch up the body and head. I have a Meangene P2 head, Boar bio, and P2 spear sitting untouched though...I just received my shipment of Tim Gore's Bloodline paints and the Createx adhesion promoter to try out. If the weather predictions hold, I'm hoping to at least start on the P2 stuff this upcoming saturday/sunday.

Air Elmo66

Awesome build brother!!! Everything came out great. Im in the middle now. Working around the clock before October comes around!!!