Kodiak Bear Bio -- 5/8/12 Polar Bear Version Done

Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by quakevirus, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    No drawn design or even an over all design in mind.. just make mean, make it a Bear. make it Pred. I'm trying to keep it in the vein of Steve Wang meets Made007 ( what can I say man I love your work, truely inspiring). We will see how it turns out..

    Here's what I got after about 2 nights with it.. It's a start. :)






    Thanks for looking guys and gals..suggestions and comments always welcome! (y)
  2. Estelle

    Estelle Hunter

    Nice. You can definitely see the bear influence in your design. This is gonna be a fun one to watch from start to end.
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  3. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    I like it , but with bigger eyes :)
  4. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    Hey quakie, instead of using the pepakura bio as an armature, do one armature using a mask, that way every bio you do looks different, and not the same as the pepakura, or even the same as the previous ;)
  5. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Thank you! I was having trouble at first getting the bear in there. damn thing kept looking like a bull dog to me. lol

    Thanks bro! I've mainly been working on the nose and cheek area. I like the idea of bigger eyes and Definitely think it needs them. My armature is basically and bone crawler Cast with 10x expanding foam resin. I'll have to do a little bit of cutting to get them any bigger.

    Here's where I'm at right now..

    Started roughing out the ears and I added some more flares to the cheeks. I also went around evened it out the symmetry a bit more. I still havent really touched the crown...



    Thanks for looking, commenting and suggesting folks! Bigger eyes on the way! (y)
  6. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    I must have missed this one.. Dude I honestly don't know why I haven't already done it. lol This will now be my last Bio with a pep base. Im gonna put my big boy pants on and do one right proper with a mask. (y) I'll probably have questions for you when the time comes bro. I thank you in advance. ;)
  7. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    I will try to make another next week, im gonna take pictures of all the process, keep working bro youre like a sculpting machine full of ideas LOL
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  8. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Update time!

    I did a little more evening out and worked on the ears and nose abit more. Not sure about the circles on the muzzle. Thinking maybe less or a different pattern. I like the way they mimic wiskers



    Was going to put a trilaser in the ear but now I'm thinking otherwise. Suggestions?


    Thanks for looking and commenting folks! (y)
  9. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    I see this painted bronze with some weathering......:)
  10. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    That's what I was thinking and another version white and black with some weathering.... For those Arctic hunts.. ;)

    Just roughed in the mouth.. I'll post some pics up after I work on the brows abit. (y) Wicked little smile he has..
  11. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    Lol, now i want to see that artic bear :)
  12. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    Great Bio fella, your getting on well :cool: . Just a personal one, I would go with bigger eyes.
  13. kithunter

    kithunter Elite Hunter

    My suggestion is to keep making these bios, very creative concept.

    i can see a whole series of these bios. Kinda like a native american totem. next is eagle and wolf, (not avp wolf!)
  14. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Thanks bud! still working on the eyes and brow area. :)

    Thanks Andrew! :) Now that's an idea I can get behind! If the Kodiak bio goes well I think a series is definitely in my future.

    Last nights progress.
    Worked on the crown a little bit. I'm going for a bear skull kinda look. Will be a metal finish in the end.

    Not happy with the wisker spots I think they are distracting and need to be smaller and more subtle.



    Thanks for looking, commenting and suggesting folks! (y)
  15. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter


    redid the wisker dots. cleaned up around the eyes. They are a bit bigger, ;)


    Better shot of the crown I still need to finish.

    Rounded off the bottom lip a bit more.



    I think the nose is too flat and needs to have a little bit more roundness or something.


    Time to really work on the inner and outer crown areas.

    Thanks for looking/commenting/and suggesting guys and gals! (y)
  16. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Last nights Progress.

    messed with the mouth a little. Changed the wisker dots. uhhhm trimmed down the outer crown and started roughing in the shape. I think it has a Berzerker feel to it..

    Textured a little below the cheeks. Gonna add a couple greebles in there to break it up a bit. Might widen the eyes abit more. ;)



    Thanks for looking and commenting! As always feedback and suggestions are very welcome. (y)
  17. PredatorX98

    PredatorX98 Young Blood

    Looks great, just curious as to which side your going to put the laser onto? Looks great, and keep up the awesome work :D
  18. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Thanks bud! I'm thinking either the center of the forehead or no laser all together. I was going to put them in the right ear but decided to keep em as is..
  19. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Update.. I redid the texturing lastnight. I used a bead with a swirl kinda design in it to make the texture.

    Here's part of the crown. The swirl part was on one tiny part of the bead I used to make the pattern.
    More clean up and evening out. I added the texture to the chin and lower cheek area too.

    Thanks for looking guys and gals!
  20. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Finished smoothing it out. all thats left is fixing 2 little things and what I bump around when I get it on the molding board.

    Here's some shots of the finished sculpt...




    IMG_2710.jpg \


    Whatcha think? not bad for few hours a night for a week. (y)

    Thanks for looking and commenting folks!
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  21. made007

    made007 Elite Hunter

    Now were talking i like the new eyes ;)
  22. PredatorX98

    PredatorX98 Young Blood

    Looking great! I like how you've put detail on the bottom of the bio, around the chin area, not many other people do that to theirs. All i can say is that it is looking awesome!
  23. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Thanks bro! I tried to make them as big as I could and I still might open then up a tiny tiny bit more. I have some time to tweak it out abit because I can't mold it for another week or so. :(

    Thanks bro! It was kind of a last minute addition and I think really helps tie it all together. :)
  24. Lowdmekon

    Lowdmekon Hunter

    Now that is fricken sweet fella, the whole Bio looks mental and the eyes look more menacing.

    Great detailing, where did you get all the greebles parts from ??
  25. quakevirus

    quakevirus Hunter

    Thanks bro! For the ends, I made a half mold of a brass fitting I found (I only molded half of the fitting so it fits flush). I cast them in resin to make them easier to sand and spit in half to use for the end caps. The centers part is part of an old xwing model and the wire is plain ol a/v wire. Same process was used on the balls. I just molded half of what ever size ball I wanted.

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