i think i like it you did a amazing job on it. where did you get that kit? i would like one myself, and how big is it?
Thanks for the kind words!
The kong is one big kit! He stands 16" tall!
Nothing like having a monkey in yer lap for a couple of hours!
It was realeased from Killer Kits, across the pond. Excellent piece!!


Wicked work Joe, I can't wait to get this thing in my office

Guys - I picked this up from Wonderfest directly from KillerKits' table, and it will be there again this year if you're attending. It's a MASSIVE kit.

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He looks great the colors and the all over look. The fur has a realistic look to it and the grays and the shading are superb. Great job would like to see more of your painting skills.


I want that kit its bad ass. I cant seem to get on killer kits website been tryin for about a week. I have no idea where else i could order it from. Anybody know?


This kit is awesome, Reminds me of myself.


Very nice nice work, the sculpt is amazing, the chest muscle definition is uncanny!