Large Alien Queen model kit finished

Hi guys.
I know this isn't a Predator, but thought you might dig it.
Here is my paint up of the large Queen Alien kit that was based off of the movie maquette.

Her majesty stands 38" tall and she is 55" long.

I added the custom base and a few of the mouth and head ligaments.

Size ref.

more pics:
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Dude that is an awesome model and you sir have some of the sickest paint jobs on the lair. Everytime I see your sig I have to click on it and admire your stuff.


Even it's not predator related, you should post every paint job you've done as it's always unbelievable !!

Wish i had the money to order you a bad blood

Any idea where this kit came from ?
christ almighty that is insane. i have to stop looking at joes paint ups its to intimidating when i go try painting up a pred. that queen and the size and paint up are fantastic!!