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Shovel Face Sharky

couple questions here...

1. Where to get good lasers. Do those small pen-style work well?
2. If just the pen-style, then how to take them apart
3. What kind of wiring? Any diagrams?


Saint Broken

I was wondering this myself.
While at DC I saw an auction for a setup built specificly for Pred helms, with 3 mini sep lasters all wired to one source but forgot to log back on to bid before it was over. I realize I could buy 3 of the $5 lasers at the gas station but I keep looking at those high power green lasers on ebay, the ones that are strong enough you can see the line in the dark, would prefer that in red but cannot find any.
Any help or tips would be awesome!



Get the 650nm (or whatever) Industrial Lasers off EBay for around $4.00-$5.00 ea.

They are the lasers you see people on EBay selling as sets and all you need to do is solder them together and connect them to a 9V Battery & switch. Easy stuff!

Now the housing, you'll need to use your imagination as to how to build one, but they're not that difficult.
Use a pen and cut it up to give you the small circles where your lasers come out and the top of a bottle (for example) to be the base. a bit of clay to sculpt a triangular pattern and you're done!

All you need now is to make a mold, cast a housing, and fix your lasers inside with some cement while aligning them into the famous triangular pattern as in the movie.