Laser or LED?



Just wondering what people preferred in their Bio and why. Advantages and disadvantages to each.

Thanks for your views.


Pros of Lasers:

-They are cool and accurate to the Predator.
-They look kick-a$$ in fog or mist
-That triangle of little dots zeroing in on you is a sight to behold...even though it may be the last thing you see.

Cons of Lasers:

-They can blind a person if aimed directly into their eyes.
-Getting the lasers hooked up and lined up just right is very challenging.

Pros of LED's:

-Ultra-bright red led's make a for a great light effect on your bio.
-Easier to hook up and power, since you don't have to line up the lights to form the triangle.
-LED's last a long time.

Cons of LED's:

-Not screen accurate.

There's my 2 cents-worth on your question. Hope it helps!!



Good pros and cons Dave...
one of the best parts of wearing a bio is the lasers for me, it's a pain to get right, and you have to be careful, but it's worth it. Oh, forgot one pro of lasers....when goons are grabbing on your suit, or hitting you, give them a direct shot to the eyeballs with it, they want you to.


I think for the goons, a nice set of wristblades to the throat should do the job nicely!
Thanks for the pro's/con's think i will go with the lasers, take the extra time to get the better effect unless anyone with a preference for the LED's wants to offer their views.
Thanks again guys

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If you set up your bio right for an easy mod you can switch them back and forth from lasers to leds in less then a minute. That way you get the best of both worlds.