Last Nights Halloween Costume I Wore To"the Summoning" In Down Town Modesto, Ca.


Yo, just wanted to share this years Halloween costume with everybody. It is my first ever Predator suit I call Mid Evil Predator cause I did all the armour in a Mid Evil style look. If anybody went to last nights party event called "The Summoning" you probably took a picture of me or with me and I was in the top for best creative creative costume of 2014 but do not know yet if I won, the suit should also be appearing tonight on Channel three news KRCA NEWS STATION, it will also be featured in the Modesto Times News Paper and the Modesto Bee local news paper. This is my first attempt at building a Predator Suit and it was an Awesome success but not really until I find out if I won the contest and if it gets sold. I put 6 months and 1500$ dollars cash into making the suit a successfull Predator to the Predator Universe and Community. Here is my MidEvil Predator which will be hitting Ebay soon starting at $2500 US dollars for every thing you see in the photo. Thank You and enjoy............Parker;)