latex on fun foam?



hello i am new to these forums but i have been a really huge predator fan since i was younger. well i am making my first predator suit out of fun foam and ive read about people using latex over the foam and was wondering how that works and if anyone has pics. plus is it used as a top coat of sorts so it can be painted, sorry for being so noobish just thought that someone has done it before. thanx guys for any help.

btw this is a really great site


Latex on fun foam will work, but you need to make sure you mix some prosaide with it so that it will stick to the foam and not peel. You can get it thru MonsterMakers, I think.



Actually the application of latex to fun foam works just as well minus prosaide as the foam is still pretty absorbant for a closed cell foam. I've used latex or PVA glue to seal my fun foam armour though the PVA will craze when bent.

Here's a pic of my AVP style back pack using this method.

Use the latex as a base coat and then paint over the top with a latex/acrylic mix and you should get some interesting results.
You will have to seal it though with a flexible acrylic sealer like permawet or the like. I think You can even use what Predmaniac used which is Berol Marvin Medium. Hope this helps out.