latex paint brands?

Blood Seeker

Hi guys.

What brands of paint do you use for your latex masks? and do any of you know of a uk supplier?

I was really tempted to buy the mask making kit from but it costs more to ship than to buy so if any of you know uk suppliers for all the mask gear I'd appreciate it.


i swear by monster makers mask paints thats all i use on my suits beside inks. i dont know of a supplier in the uk though. i may be placing a order with them soon i live in the next state over from them. i dont know how much they were going to charge you for shipping but it may actually be cheaper for me to ship it to you. they were probably gonna tack on extra charges. actually i didnt even know they shipped outside of the u.s. due to the fack that they will only ship the latex products during the winter using overnight shipping.
I paint my latex with a latex base coat mix of latex+acrylic thinned with distilled water. I stipple that on with a sponge and then  air brush with FW inks. You can get the inks from most hobby/craft/art shops here in the uk. You can use liquitex paints too as they're available at good art stores and they're an excellent paint. The inks are the best way to paint for myself, as I can build up incredible depth in the paint up as you can use opaque and transparent colours in the range. Hope this helps a bit mate.