Life on Yautja Prime:

I think a lot of us would love to see an all PREDATOR movie where it shows the inner workings of a WORLD which we witness a PREDATOR climb the ranks in constant hunts in other planets. Including clan rituals, family status, elder pred commanders, space travels, so many things to explore and so LITTLE time.. it would be COOL if PREDATOR fans banned TOGETHER to make such a story, into a fan film, but I know this is just wishful thinking. If fans COULD create a film what ideas for such a WORLD!?
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It wouldn't be something new, unfortunately. If you have watched Black Panther that's the exact same story Tribal, Ranking etc its basically a Predator film with humans. It would be cool but in essence rather pointless and not much that could be marketed from said movie except for the fact that hey, it's potentially another Black Panther film with Predators. In relation to the fans banding together I don't see that ever happening, fans seldom agree with one another on the exact route a film/story should go in. It's just how it is unfortunately, with Disney now in control over the Predator and Alien franchise I doubt we would ever be able to see another Predator film after The Predator 2018.
If they do decide to do a Predator film it may be another AVPR featuring a Predator home world but we can only dream if that becomes a reality. Now that's a story i would like to see. However, that has essentially been used to a certain degree in the AVP games. But like I said one can dream.
I picture a yautja father taking his 2 little yautja children on a hunt. He teaches them the basic techniques to stalk and kill there prey. And the honor that comes to killing other creatures including trophy kills etc. But one can't kill his prey and the other can. The father becomes an ancient, while he sees his children rise as great hunters. One hunts for the trophy and the other hunts for food to feed. Which one honors there father more? Plot twists include..
Oh.. I haven't watched BLACK panther just YET, LOL. But I know AVP showed a lot of PREDATOR backstory to the PREDATOR lore. It could of gone both ways even, with the PREDATOR movie after part 2, I think.. the PREDATOR universe is big enough for more sequels and prequels into the PREDATOR franchises. But just a thought for more discussion,
The 2 sons have yautja families of there own, now being great elite hunters one of them battles for kills to please their elder father as trophies. And the other kills to teach his sons the honor that comes in there hunt. The elder father sees there upbringing and favors neither.. a power struggle ensues within there fathers clan involving the 2 sons, which is worthy to become clan LEADER!?


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That's pretty much what goes on in Black Panther, I think if a Pred film was made like that everyone would simply call it a knock off. Knowing how the fandoms are nowadays, I really think that if they were to make a Predator film that they should stick to the normal scenarios of them visiting planets rather than a story being told about them growing up etc. That's best left for a book or a video game.
That's pretty much what goes on in Black Panther, I think if a Pred film was made like that everyone would simply call it a knock off. Knowing how the fandoms are nowadays, I really think that if they were to make a Predator film that they should stick to the normal scenarios of them visiting planets rather than a story being told about them growing up etc. That's best left for a book or a video game.
LOL I did not know that, I honestly haven't seen black panther. After you told me I looked up some VIDS on YouTube LOL
Yautja Prime: the movie,... what if the entire MOVIE was made in C.G.I. like the movie AVATAR. Already THE PREDATOR "upgrade" is in C.G.I. MAYBE, the industry is trying to hint to the public a C.G.I PREDATOR is eventually going to replace human actors in the near future!! What would fans of the PREDATOR universe say or think about that. True C.G.I only makes a character seem more vague and FAKE, but what if the entire MOVIE was made in this format?? And becomes more visually spectacular!! The oddly galaxy looks more vivid, the different aliens the PREDATOR hunts in strange but amazing home planets.. would PREDATOR FANS applaud this great film OR reject it?? Personally I would watch this movie with an open mind and enjoy the expanded universe that is PREDATOR and hope it doesn't suck (LOL) what do you guys think??


I would be down with an "animated" Series ...
but i would most certainly reject a full cgi film. Avatar wasn't completely cgi (actors, some sets, some props).
I would say one of the things allot (if not most) members like about Predator movies is looking at the movie-monster, and being impressed with the work put into it. Cgi still doesn't quite reach the crispness of a molded and cast predator suit.
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The one and only Yautja Prime. True it is but a fantasy world but is it to much of a fantasy for movies, comics, and t.v., the fans and critics can't make this fantasy a reality. Whether there's a small glimpse of the PREDATORS home planet is captured less then a minute on cinema or drawn of in comics, the fans crave more! History, evolution, lifestyle, every aspect of the yautja species brought to our vivid vision of what could be is only but a dream.. for now. I I'm a PREDATOR fan, and I think of this world of possibilities maybe twice a week LOL since I've became a member and was introduced in such a GREAT site were everyone here shared the same beliefs as me.
Ok before I go on and on over this topic I just wanna cover one thing today.. evolution. Like in the alien saga. The birth of the Xenomorph is thought of and filmed without a doubt, yet PREDATOR species are clueless where they come from, come on people!! Really.. Like the dawn of man could yautja species be any different??
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Just a picture of my imagination mapping out the dawn of PREDATORS.. could this be the start of a discussion or just wishful thinking again knocking at my thoughts bout this. Of course maybe not the best picture of there evolutionary ladder but perhaps a start? If we saw an OTHER glimpse into there life on yautja prime, imagination what else we would see.
So MANY aspects to cover in all that is Yautja Prime. I personally would like to see the PREDATORS family of orientation on there planet. Starting with the birth of a baby yautja..
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the mere thought of where they come from would better be told in various theories just like where did WE come from. Kind of like that science joke of what came first the egg or the chicken?? Well same concept, let us just think like all things born into this world it is no different like it is on earth. The Creation of BIRTH would be my first stab at there civilization. A young yautja couple meet within time and a mutual relationship happens between them which later brings forth a baby yautja.
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now in some cultures on earth, only selected males would be hand picked by the fathers of daughters. As it is traditional in royalty families whether this is how it is in yautja prime I leave THAT for open discussion. But my thoughts in there family orientation the male is a father now. It is said the woman yautja usually are left for elder yautja for mating, but I'm sorry guys I gotta reject this theory. Perhaps if woman PREDATORS wanted to be treated this way in there traditions then that's on them. But I do feel some had some yautja they were in love with and so wanted a life with this male PREDATOR. Like it is on earth some fathers left soon after there children were born and some stayed. The ones who stayed provided food, shelter, and taught the honor code to there young males.
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this concept to me would make perfect sense, and give a better outlook into there way of life not just in killing and taking trophies (still this I like) but it would make there species seem more honorable to take care what matters to them, family. A hunt is a singles journey but if the younger males went along we can see the mistakes they learn from. We can see the bond and connection that comes with there hunt. I would feel more connected to the yautja species on that level if they should EVER become the main characters of there own MOVIE. I think it would be a great story told as PREDATORS.
Another aspect we can look into, is there PREDATOR spaceship. If they had to leave there planet to hunt on another the first thing they would try to build other then there self destructing gauntlet is a stable working spacecraft.
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Like on our planet there spaceship would have to house them like a really really big RV. A whole tribe of them would have to live on board and one by one come out for a meal not only for a hunt. Still I wonder all the different ships they must of built in each lifetime. Most yautja can live to be over a thousand years old.. that's a lot of time to build, train, brainstorm, on what exactly needs to be done on there planet. So many ideas for there alien technology to be discovered I can only wonder what other ships they were able to build like in this picture for example.. these spaceships look amazing!
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here is another picture of possibly there home planet..
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we already seen different views inside there spacecraft on p2 and avp, and the different types they have traveled in as well. I'm just saying, to be able to see another different pod or mother ship would be cool enough to say they really gotten a variety of crafts we haven't seen yet.


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Texas Predator, you hit the nail squarely on the head. Predator is nothing without a movie strictly about the world of these creatures and focused strictly upon them. The stories we have now are mere fringe encounters in their world and sadly leaves the story very lacking IMO.

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