little mold edge problemo right here


pro predator

hi everybody
me again and my hundreds of questions for molding
sorry about that but i tough you guys maybe wanted to help me out here
well this is my problem right here
look... i finished my mold, it came out good with every single detail and now because I let the cards stick in whil i did the backside of the head the edges of the mold are oneven
I tough mayeb I could work this up a little with some plaster
but then i'll get scars in my mask but maybe freddy doesn't mind some scars?
well if you know what to do when you have uneven edges pls let me know i would appriciate it much



You should have added clay keys to your cards then pour front remove cards and clay key. Put a heavy coating of vaseline on all parts that will touch next plaster pour. Once second part is poured you can take a plaster rasp and make a nice smooth edge, then take mold apart. Leaving cards in mold means you have to put cards back into it to mold or you will have a gap.