Losing some items



Hi Everyone,

long-time lurker here.
I am thinning my Predator collection a little bit. I know there isn't a junkyard here or anywhere to sell. Thing is, I just had an eBay auction Vero'ed by 20th Century Fox. Can anybody suggest where I should post to sell or trade a Pred item?

I don't want to break the rules of the forum and that's why I might come across as being a bit vague.

Mods: if this should be somewehere else, please feel free to move it.

Thanks everyone.


Sorry about your EBay problem.

Nibs and I have run into VERO issues before. We've usually been able to correct the problem by changing the wording in our listings and titles.

We try not to call our items "predator". VERO watches for that now. We suggest in the item title that the costume parts would be great for a Predator costume.

For example:

Costume Shoulder Armor - Perfect for Predator

This may or may not help you with VERO. They are getting pickier every day.

Another outlet may be Mels' new board, The Hunter's Forum. She's got a Buy/Sell/Trade topic there.

Hope this helps a little.



Great advice. Thanks folks.
I'll post here in off-topic and I didn't know about Mel's forum. I need to go and check it out.