Lost Hunter Boar Project For Dutchcomiccon 2015

Hello to all!

For mine first Comic Con will i work on a new Suit.

Lost Hunter Boar.

I got:
  • MeanGene P2 Body , almost done foam filling and trimming.

What i need:
  • Boar Bio

  • Dreads & Beads and feet

simple way to fill up armor

2014-07-15 21.54.13.jpg

2014-07-15 21.54.55.jpg
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This Pred will be not 100% accurate, because i will use the body also for mine other Pred, scout, the P1 / P2 mix.
So i will replace the head and chest armor when i need an other pred.

The Gauntlets are repainted , first black and then a thin layer of aluminium metallic and some bleu.
Picture tomorrow.