LOWER LEG ARMOR first pull


Ok, this is only the first pull and it's not painted yet. I normally wouldn't post it until it's painted up, but a few people have been inquiring and quite frankly, I was pretty excited when I saw how it turned out. In fact, this was more of a "throw away" casting to clean the mold of all the little bits of clay and Crystal Clear (that's what the lighter discoloration is) that I couldn't get by sponging. There is one little seam line just above the armor plates in front that shows, but I think with a little more precise trimming, it won't be very visible once painted up. I just kind of hap-hazardly trimmed them so I could see what they looked like and how they fit. The fit is perfect, though I'll probably mold the lower ankle contour and make a seperate piece to go under the lowest point because when pulled up over the knee, they're just about 1" shorter than I expected. My legs are pretty long, so someone with a bit shorter legs probably won't even need that piece. The sculpt was relatively undamaged when de-molding, so molding that contour will be no problem and will match perfectly. I'll probably do another pull with more precise trimming and then remold that pull, so I can have a nice simple one piece mold. Anyway, I'll post up the painted pix in a couple days. IT'S FINALLY DONE!!! Let me know what you think.