MacGuyver's Mr. Incredible Suit Huntorial *LOTS OF PICS!*

This huntorial is awesome. I got so inspired that I'm doing my suit this way. The only questions I have are: Was the first layer difficult to apply? I almost used an entire half gallon of liquid latex because of how the material soaks up the latex? Were the additonal layers easy to apply past the first? And how long does liquid latex take to dry? It's a little cold in my garage, so it seems to be taking longer to dry. But I have the first layer drying right now. I forgot to tint the first layer, so the next one will get a darker tan color.
I greatly appreciate you putting up the pics and stuff. Good topic.
The first layer is will soak up a ton. I almost thought a gallon wouldn't be enough but the subsequent layers go on smoother and use a lot less to cover. I only tinted my last layer with some brown acrylic craft (paste) paint and it gave it enough tint to apply an easy base coat. As long as you have the entire suit covered in latex you can paint it regardless of the transparency it will just take a little more time. The latex dry's pretty damn fast in the house. Actually drys off your hands in 1 Cold yeah it will dry slower and never have it in freezing temps or the latex goes to shizz.

th3 pr3dat0r

do you all really have to quote the whole thing? its not needed and is just annoying. and if you want to get the split chest... read.... it shows him and he talks about putting some sort of material on top of the breast area to make the sides become larger...
Yeah I gotta agree with quoting the entire first thread a hundred times what a waste of server space. Mod's should cut them out.

For the split chest I sewed a line between the solid pec section to make two. Simple needle and thread. The latex seals it and viola pecs!


Thanks everyone. I will most likley sew the middle to create split pecs. Seems easy enough.

AirborneHunter---sorry but "th3" has a point. You could have easily typed-----"Hey, PredatoRay31!"

LOL-- Oh well--no harm done. Great pointers guys. I've done other costumes but none have me latexing a body suit, so I'm a noobie!!!

Costumes completed so far:
-Darth Vader
-Mortal Kombat- SubZero (frozen arms with Ice Sword and Ice ball)
& Scorpion (with a Kuni tip Spear prop for pics)
-Friday the 13th- Jason Vorhees

Costumes I'm helping make for my wife:
-Zoey from the videogame Left 4 Dead.
-Ghostbusters uniform (eventually with proton pack--not easy to create).
-Early Plague Doctor with bird mask. Freakin creepy!


how do you spell A-W-S-O-M-E wow thats mind blowing
I take it your talking about the costumes I've done? I love making costumes. I'm the Assistant Manager for the Costuming and Props department of a sci-fi convention called IMAGICON. It's in Alabama. I've always wanted to do this stuff when I was younger but never did. I met a great friend who got me started and then I got hooked. I think this Predator will be my last costume, but that's what I said when I did the Jason Costume. It's my hobby.

To see my other costumes go to my facebook page--it's set to public. Enjoy.

Link: My other costumes!


"AirborneHunter"---Oops! My big head should have know that--LOL.

The Link I added goes to my Facebook page and works when I select it??? Not sure why it doesn't work? But here are some picks of the costumes I've done so far (and still have).










FYI- I'm on my second coat of latex to the suit. I tinted it with Khaki colored latex paint. I used a ratio of about 3:1 (3 parts liquid latex to 1 part latex paint). It is coming out great. The first layer scared me since I almost used half the gallon of liquid latex. This second layer just about used a pint--phew. I'm going to do one more layer then add the veins and rough parts to the shoulders and back, then sew a cleft in the middle of the chest to get the "pecs" look. Then add another 1 to 2 more layers. Also need to cut out a pee hole-LOL. After that--it's on to airbrushing. Enjoy.

I gotta say man, that layering looks pretty thin. You might need some more. I used the entire gallon and then some, and I was still finding places during paint where the red was showing through.
Naa it's really thick, about 4 coats..used a gallon. It will paint fine with a layer of primer. Painting it only becomes a problem when the latex doesn't make a thick skin to paint onto. I'm gonna use latex paints as well so less cracking
Shit! :(

I got a different Mr. I suit. :)
So there are 2 version ......
Mine got leds lights.
Ha too funny...sorry but I did the exact same thing but mine had no muscles it was only a unpsuit! Looked like the things little kids wear in the winter :)
Had to buy another
So that makes 3 versions!


Naa it's really thick, about 4 coats..used a gallon. It will paint fine with a layer of primer. Painting it only becomes a problem when the latex doesn't make a thick skin to paint onto. I'm gonna use latex paints as well so less cracking

Must just be the angle or light in the shot. my bad. :)

I just went back over my build thread, and mine looked about the same. Mind you, I breathed in a looooooooooot of fumes, so my recollection might be a bit hazy, LOL!!!!
I hear yeah on the!
You def did more detail than I did..I'm doing a scar build so the armor will cover my upper half so I got to skimp on a lot of the details you would normally see. :)


I just received my suit from here today

Although I am not a large man I want to get what I payed for, and as you can see by the pictures below the suit I got is nothing like the pictures on the website. My suit was custom tailored and before I even open the package I noticed the bag it came in was very small, i knew something was wrong right off that bat. Once i saw what i got I thought I was going to flip out!!! Not only did it not have muscles, but it looked like it was tailored by a six year old!!!!. As of now don't go to this website until i figure it out, and I will keep you all posted until I work it out with these people. As far as I'm concern these might well be pajamas.







I hope this helps
p.s " I got f***ed over ( for now)
p.s again (for moderators) I have a bad habit of posting things more than once, but this is for the soul purpose of helping those on this matter. (please excuse me) OfAk


this is a message to people posting on this thread

we know what your replying to its just making the thread really long
i have made one of these suits because of this amazing tutorial and amazing idear from McGuyver
any questions pm me ive done it a couple of times till i got one i liked and im planning to do another one for a falconer costume