Making a cheap mold for resin

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The Mortal Immortal

Here is one of TMI's secrets for a quick mold. This is great for making small molds.
I first make a master out of Sculpey then I bake it.
After it is hard I then spray it with silicone lube.
I take my bake and bend then press the object inside.
I pull the object out place the bake and bend on the cookie sheet and bake.
After it has cooled I put the object back in the bake and bend.
I then spray both pieces with silicone lube.
I press the other side with some more bake and bend.
Then I flip it over and remove the already baked bake and bend and pull out the object.
Place the second side in the oven and bake.
When that has cooled you are ready to cast some resin.
Bake and bend will make a perfect copy of your object. Bake and bend will handle the heat of the resin and will last a long time as a mold. Not to bad for a 1.25 piece of clay. Here is a sample and trial piece to show that it will work.

No I'm not a recaster and do not support them either. This was just a sample to show that it works.