Making my own dreads need some advice

Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by Predathor87, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Predathor87

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    i want to try out how to make dreads with that materials:

    1. paint
    2. liquid
    3. backer rod
    so first question is do i need exactly these materials or there is similar with better price and better usability?
    what is the process how do i need to start making? first i melt the backer rod thats simple but after that? i mix the latex with the paint then with a brush i paint the rod and it will be automtic flexible?
    i need to know in your opinion which glue is the best to fix on the mask?
    btw that kind of backer rod is good? i dont want make too skinny dreads so 13MM is good?
  2. LunaticNic

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    Hey, the cold foam dreads I have are between 2.5 and 3 cm in diameter. I'm not aware of better/cheaper material than backer rod, however Predtrooper made them differently and I believe achieved greater flexibility than backer rod. here's his thread
  3. Wreav

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    Having used backrod dreads when I first started out I realised that there were evident issues with this. It's rather stiff and rigid and can be a problem especially if you have lots of dreads and you're in an area with lots of people.
    First step (cut the backer rods) to a similar length. I rather not melt/heat foam as much as it is prefered it can be dangerous but nonetheless proceed with caution backer rod can melt fairly quick I was surprised when I did it myself I decided on using a potato peeler to get the spikey tip effect.
    Mixing Latex with paint and brushing it onto the foam will not make it flexible. It will retain its rigidity and will just look like latex has been painted over it.

    13MM is tiny. That stuff is used to make neck rings...
    30MM is what you're looking for
    or 25MM

    Super Glue is a good option, or simply cut an X on the dread hole and pull the dread lock through.
    I bought tonnes of backrod made tonnes of dreads ended up throwing them all in the trash. Just didn't work for me.
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  4. Wreav

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    There was this really nice guide to foam dreads somewhere on the forum where he used a flexible foam sheet. He cut them out in strands and then glued two ends together.
  5. indoorwar321

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    I used a material called Armaflex. It's an insulation sleeve-type of tubing, so there is no seam. It's not stiff, and it has the movement that I'm looking for.
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