market place postings ?


I would like to post a wanted add in our market place but the option to do so is not there, I've been able to make a few purchases there, but I would like to post a wanted ad for item's I am interested in, any suggestions or ideas why i can't post a "want ad" :(

Art Andrews

Community Owner
Community Staff
The reason you can't post is due to new member restrictions. To be considered a "full" member, you have to have been a member for 90 days AND have made 50 posts. Full members are able to create new threads in the Marketplace while new members cannot. We created this limitation to stop scammers from signing up and immediately posting content for sale in the Marketplace. By making members wait, we cut down on a lot of fly-by-night sellers.

However... you bring up a good point in that you aren't trying to sell but wanting to post a "Want to Buy" thread. Give me just a bit to look at a solution we implemented at the RPF that may work here.


although I`am a new member here, I`am finding out quickly that the staff / members are quick to help.
Thank you Mr. Andrews. I understand stipulations to be enforced, but to understand my question to the market place thank you again for really understanding my inquire. :)