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Discussion in 'Predator Costumes' started by ThorKrohn, Jul 30, 2015.

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    You need to be as accurate as possible. Either you put too little or too much it will affect the length that it takes to harden and so on. Just continue reading the properties of Ultra - Cal I use tiranti plaster ratio's and properties might vary slightly.
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  2. ThorKrohn

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    Hey thanks! Getting close to the first go and want to get it right the first time...hopefully
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    You never get anything right first time in this hobby m8 there will all ways be something.. the more builds you do the better you get it all comes down to how far you wanna go with this and commitment
  4. ThorKrohn

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    Almost satisfied with my sculpt! Thinking about casting it in plastic first in case I mess up with the latex...

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    Ratios of plaster is not as critical as it is with such things as resin or silicone. With experience you can mix by eye and feel without scales. The best method is to sprinkle the plaster to the water. Then wait up to two minutes for the water to soak into the plaster. When it has the appearance of a dry river bed it's time to mix, once it's creamy your good to go. A good consistency is 'nachos cheese' this is good for the first few coats. Then as you build the strengthening layers add more plaster. The more plaster the quicker it goes off and the tougher it will be. And don't forget to add at least two layers of scrim. A good trick is to add struts; thin strips of scrim folded over, soak it in plaster and lay them on in cross sections.
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    Well gang, it has been a while since I posted, I chickened out on the latex casting, so I utilized silicone and cast the "mask" out of's more of a helmet but I am happy with it as my first attempt! Got armor and preda-body pictures soon! Thanks again for the community support!

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    Please more photos)
    Please, in color)
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    I uploaded more pics into a gallery, which maybe I shouldn't have, but there are more there: I'll have more armor and my Mr. Incredible suit conversion pics soon!
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    I love it. Gallery - for posting pictures, so - its all right)
    Great process, i am wip now with my predator head molding, so - i totally know how you feel)))
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    So, I have just realized after looking at Wrev's recent post on terrible my paint job is on my mask/, time to research airbrushs and airbrush techniques!
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    I wouldn't necessarily say terrible, but the results you will get from painting with an airbrush will certainly be superior to a regular brush.
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    I think, it is all based on practice. Professionalism - repeating process again and again.
    Also - 90% - it is talent.
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    Brush? Lol, I just used spray paint cans.....90%!
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    Played around with some different color schemes....not there yet....


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