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Hi at all,
for best result, where a predator mask is better paint gloss (like inside mouth) and where is better paint matte?
Same people finish all the mask with glossy paint, but is the right choice?
I ask for realism

Excuse my very bad english



Hey, don't worry about it (your English.)

As far as the gloss goes, that's all up to you. Predator and Predator 2 were both slimey. That look was dropped due to ADI's decision that the "glossy" look best stay with the Alien character. Or were you asking what to use for the glossy look?

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I use perma-wet to cover the mask It makes no different if the paint is glossy before the perma-wet. Perma-wet is what covers and seals the mask in a shinny slimy coat.


ok perfect my friends
I explain myself better:

where I must put perma-wet? on all mask or only same location?....

still thanks ;)
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