Mask tutorial NEEDED


Sorry about this stupid question, but I can´t find here some tutorials how to make mask?

I found around net some tutorials for making creature masks - ok ... but pred is little more difficult and on your photos I see soem tricks.

I mean - how to make front part of mount? What about front big 4 teeths?
If I plan some mount movement like a grusderk´s system, must I create different type than everyone else?
And where you get images fro creating? Screens from films?

Today, I´ll finnaly buy liquid latex (I hope that shop will have what I need) and tomorrow I´ll buy clay, plastic and some tools.

Then I need some manequeen and I can start ... if I´ll know how to make pred sculpture :rolleyes:

Thanks a lot for every info.


Great, that shop sells liquid latex from Germany company called KRYOLAN. It´s named GUM 1.
But it´s very expensive ... 1 galon cost 4000 Czk (about 200$) ... in comparation with monstermakers, where same cost about 35$, I want to cry :rolleyes:
What will I do ...


You can buy carpet latex it's cheap and does the job. Home depot sells it some times by the gallon. I have 3 major suppliers that i use just about for everything that i make and that;s Home depot, Ace hardware and Lowes...



You can buy carpet latex it's cheap and does the job. Home depot sells it some times by the gallon. I have 3 major suppliers that i use just about for everything that i make and that;s Home depot, Ace hardware and Lowes...

What is the carpet latex? I can´t find anything about it :/


This forum is great, but I´m very sad, that there isn´t enough informations for begginers :)
There isn´t any tutorials for creating mask for example ... I mean some tutorial "FROM SCULPT TO MASK".

I buyed some clay and this weekend I´ll plan to start scuplting my first pred head (and first scultpure in my life :p )
But I don´t know many things - the right size, proportions, sculpting tips etc.
And when I´ll finish it, I still don´t know the right procedure with plaster (making mold).
And what about eyes and mouth holes in mask? I can´t find anythng ....

There are many finished preds ... many people who made mask ... but no tutorial.
When I´ll make my mask, I´ll take pictures of all process and post it here for begginers ... but now, I´m begginer :)

I want to start, but I don´t know where and how ... I hope, someone experienced will help ....

btw. my friend (grenadier) from airsoft team will try to make FIRING shoulder cannon (some light efect when launched missile explode)
so, we´ll see if we sucess :p


It's a "teach yourself" basis... if you look around there are tips everywhere.. but if someone put a single tutorial on here every begginer would have identicle masks wouldnt they? Where's the fun in that?

So as a basis they tell you to put clay on the mannequin.. then add the cast.. latex... and tadaa...

I must admit my knowledge has holes as well but look round the first huntorials and get to know people on the site and you'll most likely find most of the information needed.. the rest like "exact measurements for mask" will have to be worked out by yourself...

I think ^^


Yeah, you´re right - I must find my own way with tips aroud here ... and my pred will be unique ...
I only wanted to avoid mistakes to save money :)
Most of the materials aren´t cheap and I´m affraid of throw away unsucessfull work besause of not enough knowledge ... you know ...
There are some turtorials - for making armor, helmet, etc ... this tutorials help understand basic and then everyone modify it in own way ...
But mask I can´t find ... That was, what I wanted to say :)


yup yup.. know exactly what you mean... well.. keep browsing and if your really lost *like i am ^^* then i suggest asking some of the pro's... ta2pro... The Mortal Immortal *recently retired from painting* and a few others who are brilliant on this forum = ]

Good luck


First off, I'm pretty sure Arnold at MonsterMakers would ship latex to Germany, unless there's some legal concern with shipping it internationally (i.e. hazardous material, but I don't think liquid latex falls into that catagory enough to ban shipment). Another option for purchasing latex (or about any other supplies that you may need) is Burman Foam Industries (about $135 for 5 gal.). I use Buman latex for everything I do, and have no complaints. But honestly, I'd burn that bridge down when you come to it.

My next recommendation would be to use a clay such as Kleen Klay. It doesn't dry out when exposed to air and is reusable, even after coating the sculpt with Krylon Crystal Clear. I've used the same 25 or so pounds of Kleen Klay for evey sculpt I've done over the past year. Kleen Klay is about $13.00 per 5 lbs. Are you sculpting a mass clump or are you building an armiture on your maquette. An armiture will definitely save you on how much clay you use, but if you have no experience with making armitures, I'd plan on using a lot of clay and build out off the maquette.

As for dimensions, you could go one of two routes. You can sculpt the mask to a size big enough to fit your head, then sculpt a bio a to fit it. If you custom sculpt a mask, chances are that you're going to have a heck of a time finding a bio that will fit it properly. The bio will either be too big, too small, too wide, not wide enough, the eyes won't align, the contours don't align, the mandible are too big to fit under the bio... you get the point. And sculpting, molding and casting a bio can be an entirely different and costly endeavor in itself.

So, your other choice (and the one I would recommend) is find a nice bio that you like, either on Ebay or here on the Lair. Once you have that, you can use it's inner dimensions as reference to how big you want the face of your mask to be. For example, top of crown to eyes, width between eyes, width of face, length of head, etc... Since detailing and texturing will be the last step in the sculpting process, you can set the bio on the sculpt as you go, to see where you need adjustments in the sculpt. You'll be able to mark the eye holes in relation to the bio, make sure your mandibles will all fit, etc...

If you're serious about this, don't rush it. Worry about the latex when you need to. You've got a lot of work in front of you before being anywhere close to needing to worry about where to find latex. Once your sculpt is finished, then you get to enjoy the always fun project of molding such a piece. Once you get started, post up some pictures of your progress. There are a lot of talented people here who will be more than helpful as far as suggestions or recommendations. Hope that helps a little.


Thanks manowar :)

So, yesterday I´ve started scultping my first head.

So, I buyed wig holder for 120 Czk (6$) - it´s great base for sculpt and save a lot of clay also.

And then I applied a clay on it (potter´s clay, because oil based clay isn´t available in my country)

Before it, I measured my head with inch-tape and write it on paper.
When applied clay I checked base size of head with it.

So here is some photos of my base sculpt.
Yesteday, I worked on it 2 hours and today I´ll continue (I hope)
I covered it with wet rag and plastic bag over night. It avoid clay to dry.






looking pretty good mate... but I would leave the... whats the word... teeth? yeah.. well those skin flaps at the side ^^ till the end... so concentrate on getting the shape and proportions of the head then sculpt those bits after.. should make it a bit less complicated =D


You´re right kriker ... so next day I sculpted head and base contures of sides and ... destroyed mounth ... yeah, I did it ... cause it wasn´t very good sculpted and mainly it was open mounth - and I decided that I want closed mounth :p

So, here is photo of my next progress ... BUT ... ONE THING HAPPEND ... when I finished this I discover my FIRST BIG MISTAKE:
wig holder isn´t good base for pred head sculpt ... guess why ... cause it´s made from polystyrene and when you sculpt his BIIIIIG head, it falls to the back :) - now, I must find some heavy base and think up, how mount wig holder to it :)




looks like you've got some progress going. Ask one of the more experienced members about wig holder


Yesterday, I built simple base for my sculpt (pic 1) - it´s big, but it doesn´t matter ... the important thing is that it´s stable

And today I did a lot of work on scuplt:
- finished big head and add dread holes
- resculpted inner mounth
- and finally add two wires on sides as a base for lower mandibles

So, next time I need to finish mandibles and I can start with sculpting details








Thanks for comments :p

Today, I worked on it all day and now - to my suprise - I FINISHED IT !!!
It took about 30 hours and now it´s ready for molding. I sculpted with water based clay (oil based isn´t available in my country)

I think it´s finished, but maybye I´need to do something else, or resculpt some part (I hope not )
Only bad thing I know is different head proportion than original P1 head.
Top part of head is a little lower and longer ... but I think it doesn´t matter - there is no need to be same as original
I´m only affraid about bio, but I´ll sculpt it over head sculpt so I think it won´t be a problem.

Please, look at the pictures and tell me your opinion.
(the teeth are provisory)

Btw. If you have some tips photos or links of molding pred head, I´ll be glad.

Thanks all :eek:












Looks pretty good... Maybe it's just the photos, but it looks like the holes you punched for the quills go straight down... You might want to angle them instead of having them straight down in... The quills tend to lay back, not poke straight out. You may have a problem when you put the quills in, with them sticking straight up, instead of laying back. Or, maybe you wanted them sticking straight out. Again, it may just be the photos that make it look that way too...