Meet The Predator: Predator Inlove (Short Film)

Spawn Celtic

Hey Guys! Its me again..
I wanted to share a short film that was made by about The Predator being In love to a human XD
And Of course the Warlord Predator Suit was made by me and none other.. LOL.. I hope you enjoy..

Some of the speeches/dialogues were Tagalog/Filipino.. So I know not all of you can understand,
But I think you can keep up or You can understand through the way the actors act..

P.S "Mahal Kita" means "I love you"... :p

(Just a teaser picture)

And Here is the link to the Main Film...

Meet The Predator: Predator In love

~This just proves that even if you are ugly, There's still someone that will love you and be with you forever LOL..

Also, everyone has to be in love and can be in love.. EVEN PREDATORS! :D

~Mark Celtic
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so cheezy man
but it made me laugh on the pantry scene...
you're a good actor :D
cool suit. good job