Mini P1 build ...


So a couple lessons today.

I probably didn't coat the feet with enough latex. 2 coats more would have done it. The Plastidip can't make it into the tiny holes so a more even surface coverage would have been better.


As a test, I grabbed the white house paint (latex) and covered one of the heals. I'll check in the morning how it does.


Also was reminded that aerosols eat at the pink foam. I learned that lesson the hard way several Halloweens ago. Was tipped off again when the Plastidip hit a piece of the foam that wasn't covered. Small melt, no biggie. But glad I experienced that since the face is mostly pink foam. I may just coat that in the white latex paint also.

I did make some progress today and made these! They're 3/4" air hose ferrules. I tapped out the non-flared side with a hammer and long punch. Then used a lug nut to taper the other side. Quick and easy. Not sure if it's cost effective for others since they retail for $1.20 a piece. But I get them wholesale. They work only cause of the skinnier dread size I'm using.


And ... this seems overly complicated to make out of foam. I also don't know how to lay out, and assemble the template to best match the EVA. What do you guys think? Is there a more foam friendly but P1 accurate template out there? I may just stick to the Dai Lomo template and modify it best I can.


Right now I'm straightening dreads. Tomorrow, make her mannequin so I can start on the chest/backpack.



Decided to mod the top mandibles also. I’m gonna bring them in towards the middle and back them up just a tad.
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Red2 Ahhhhh I see that you are using NORMAL liquid latex is good but you really need Monster Makers latex or some RD-407 with some viscosity in it .... and White is the best by the way not transparent .... ;) I have the same latex at home, not that i use it for mask, i just keep it for adhesive or touch -ups


Yes Red2 you paint, wait a couple minutes paint again until its thick enough for your liking. A regular chip paint brush will do. Just be mindful after a couple of passes with the brush the latex will start to cure on the brush and develop little lump of latex , just throw it away and use a new brush. The dollar store is my friend when it come to brushes.