Model Magic clay, perfect for quills!


Round Hammer

I remember reading a post in which someone mentioned using this stuff to make dreads with. I bought a package and made a small test dread, to see how it would act. Straight out of the package, the material was a little stiff, but it was still easy to work with. Left the shape overnight and it was set.

It takes zero effort to bend it.

It's great material to work with, not quite as flexible as latex or foam dreads. Another down side, if you really wanted to use this stuff to make dreads, you would need several pounds of it to make even a few dreads. Another idea I came up with...inserting a length of wire down the middle to make poseable dreads. This could easily be done during or after sculpting and could make for a cool display piece. Not sure if it would have any application in a wearable costume.

The Big Gunns

Thats stuff is cool.. it dries hard as a rock though.