Mold / Molding a hollow latex part / item

NeXus 6

Dear Helpers!

First of all, sorry for my poor english, I am from germany :-/

I read 100+ Infos & Tuts but couldn't figure how to create a latex part like shin guards, leg, arms that are hollow inside.

I am working on a model (cast) for P1 shin guards and want them to be in one part, just to slip in, like in gauntlets.

Just to make it clear, I would practically produce a tube that consists of a 2-5 mm thick layer of latex.

I found a YT tutorial here that explains how to do it with plaster in a rotating and closed mold, but I think this will not work with Latex because it dries so slowly ... !?

Thanks for the help & All the best


I've read in one the build threads that they keep the two parts seperate and brush in about 5-6 layers of latex, leaving a small gap where the molds would align. After that cures, they connect the two parts of the mold and brush in 5-6 layers where the seem is.

I believe this is how they do it. I'm going to try it out when I mold my berzerker boots up, but that wont be for a while


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you need to make a 2 part mold. and one side should be closed to make things easier.

brush in your beauty coat on both sides, then put the two halves together.
then brush in latex along the seam. let it dry for a bit to seal it up.
then pour in latex and rotate the mold around so it all gets covered.
then turn it upside down and let the excess latex drip out.
you may need to let it dry a litttle and repeat the latex pour again if your latex is less viscous.

if for some reason you can't close one end, then you can just brush in layers of latex and then put the two halves together after you have the thickness you like, and then seal the seam with some latex. just like Munson said.