Movie:The Grindhouse


Just wondering if anyone's gonna check this movie out? It's
looks like a cool movie to see.Probably gonna see it Sunday.
Whatcha guys think? :)


Planet Terror is a fantastic film and the clips inbetween by Rob Zombie and Eli Roth are great. The second feature by Tarantino is pretty lame. Luckily he has the shorter movie. Planet Terror delivers, Rodriguez is now one of my favorite directors.

DJ Akuma

Im going to have to agree with Scott on this one. Planet Terror was very well done. To bad Tarentino couldn't match that. It seemed like he fell away from the overall goal of film. Granted that Death Proof had its moments, it just felt like it had been done before. Still the Previews of in the film were great. Thanksgiving was hilarious.


Elite Hunter
Ha Ha..this movie ROCKED!!! saw it last night, and it was the most fun I've had in a theater in a long time. Kinda agree...Liked Planet Terror more, but that doesnt mean I didnt like Derath did have one hell of a car chase scene. How's about the trailer for Machete...ha ha ..Cheech as a shotgun toting priest. Damn!!!


OK I get it. Quentin and Robert wanted to do a "tribute" to the really really bad and cheap exploitation flicks of the 60's and 70's. And they did. Planet Terror and Death Proof are exactly like those films of the era. Planet terror made no sense, like the zombie/horror/government gone bad flicks done back then. It was loaded with unexplained references between characters etc. Death proof was also exactly like the car chase films of yesteryears. Both films had purposefully added film scratches, burns, jumpy misfeeds, sound drops and pops that actuall made them hard to watch after being used to the very clean stuff we have seen in the past few years. Yes, the boys went to a lot of trouble to replicate exploitation films. And they did it perfectly. My question is WHY?????? Both of them boys are talented filmakers without a doubt, I love their films. So why squander the money remaking stuff we KNOW was garbage even back 30 years ago? And even if they felt a burning desire to make them, just show it to your friends for a hoot, don't unleash it on the public. I was very disappointed with the films. The trailers for the "upcoming" films of "Thanksgiving", "Don't", "Machete" & "Werewolf Women of the SS" were actually pretty funny in that exploitative way, but again, I wouldn't want to see them made into a feature film.

Shai tan

My fav scene in DTillD is Selma. Seeing her drip that Mescal down her leg,think she had a big snake wrapped around her too.... and that dude drinking it off her foot.... diamn, that was a pretty cool scene. LOL

Not sure what to think bout seeing a chick strap an M16 type weap to her leg socket tho. hehhhehhe


Elite Hunter
Can't wait to see the piece, but unfortunately overseas, here in Europe, most likely the film will be split in two. For two reasons: Europeans aren't/weren't familiar with grindhouse-features and the more obvious one: two films will generate twice the income.