Mr Giggles - Coollekottens First Bio!

Thank you all for the comments! :D

Kanji, well I am from Sweden. :p Maybe it has some part in it, snow and everything just like Finland. :)
I have always pictured the bio being white, not sure why but ever since I first drew it - bam! It is white. I can of course picture it in other colours, but the white/brighter colours I got stuck on for this particular bio.

Östberg, thats a pretty good explanation actually! It is a bit more organic looking, but never thought of it as an added skull - but I definitely see it now. :)
And the moth got what it deserved... it died. I believe the fumes was too much for it... ehum. :unsure:

I will most likely get some plexiglas in late nov-december for the lenses so I can work on it more. :)
Again, thank you everyone!


I just found this and I love it! Searching for completed photos now. Outstanding skills & talent! Bravo!
Sadly, this paint job no longer exists.  :( After everything was done I notice the paint did not stick good enough and that you could scrape it off. So I had to start over and buy new primers and such, really making sure that it would stick this time. It seemed to work the first time (with the primer and colours) but after the final coating I dont know what happened.  :unsure:
That being said, it is currently silver and awaits a new paintjob, most likely close to the original but less blue. Or something. I really want to hang this up on the wall where it belongs as it has been three years since I started it. And later on, on the halfmask I got from Daman when I get it painted. Something unexpected have always come up when I mean to put time and money on these projects and keeps pushing these builds aside. It's a bit discouraging to never seem to finish projects that you once started. I just need to be persistent on finishing these. 
Thanks for the kind words.  :)


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oh man,  that sucks.   yeah, don't skimp on the primer, after that it almost doesnt matter how cheap your paint is.  It's weird though that your top coat is what ruined it.  if somethings a wall hangar, sometimes i don't even top coat it.  
hope you get it figured out.   would love to see the next paintup.