My Backpack Out Of Foam Board And Odds And Ends - Chest Armour Weathered


Now that my blade gauntlet is ready for primer, it's time to start on the rest of the armour.
The first thing I did was to trim down some football shoulder guards, leaving only what I thought I would need as a base for the chest armour and backpack.

I put in 2 nuts and bolts through the top of the shoulder piece, the backpack would slide on and off over these hopefully.

I made a rough size guide out of cardboard to give me something to mark around on the foam board; the foam board I managed to grab off someone just as they were going to chuck it in a skip, bonus!


I cut 2 sides out of the board, I found an old toy space tank (I think), took the 2 halves apart, removed the wheels and bolted the 2 sides to these.
I cut a smaller piece of board and bolted it on with a bracket I found in my spares box.


The rear of the backpack was now covered in cardboard, ready for some detailing.


I wanted to keep the fins at the back as simple to make as possible, so after a bit of experimenting I came up with this shape, cut out of cardboard to act as a stencil.


When 2 are glued together, the curved bits force the foam into the shape I wanted, 4 of these were then stuck on, the top one was sealed at the top with some foam.


Next I cut 2 keyhole shaped slots in the plastic tank bit at the top, these allowed the backpack to slide on and off easily.

Now it was time for the finer details, I used craft foam and whatever bits I had in my spares, mainly robot model kits.



For 3 nights work I'm really pleased with the way it's come out so far, next job is the cannon mount, but I haven't made my cannon yet, so I guess that's next.
Hope you like it, any comments/suggestions most welcome
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To tell you the truth... it looks... like you put a lot of planning into it and are executing it quite well.


Thanks for the comments guys, glad you like it, I've had some time to get on with this over the last few days, I thought it would be best to have the cannon removable if possible, so I found this hinged piece from a lego bionicle which I thought would do the trick.


I bolted the large round piece to the backpack, then used a cut down water colour bottle, a bit of scrap board and a toilet roll to form the basic shape of the cannon.


I started gluing on foam to form the shape of the cannon, the patterns on the barrel were burnt on using a small gas powered heat gun.



The round bits at the back were made using a grill cut from a computer case, more detailing was added using bits of model kits and more foam.



After a few coats of glue, the cannon was sprayed with white primer
The mounting arm allows me to click the cannon on and off easily and its position is adjustable.


I'm pretty happy with the way this has turned out so far, now to get on with the chest armour.
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Thanks guys, the chest armour is almost done, then once the shin armour's done I can get on with the painting


For the main chest armour I decided to use some thin camping mats I had, I started off by cutting the main shape, this was glued to the football guard.


I then added the rest of the armour by cutting out rough shapes out of the same foam, these were then trimmed to fit on the main piece.




For the left shoulder armour, I used a shin pad to give me the basic shape, then I designed a template the same as I did for the backpack, and came up with this


I made 5 of these and glued them to the shin pad.


for the front and back pieces, I used cardboard for the main shape, glued on a flat piece of foam, then cut out a second piece which was glued on to the first.
I'm no good at cutting holes neatly in foam, so I glued in a rubber washer to neaten the edge up.


For the other part of the armour I used the same idea, 2 pieces of foam.



[The small piece of armour that goes on the right shoulder was made using the smae idea, a small pad covered in foam.


Most of the armour has now been covered with a coat of Plastidip primer, this piece has just had its first coat of silver.


It feels nice to finally get some paint on, looking forward to doing the weathering.

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I managed to start painting most of the pieces, first was a base coat of chrome silver to cover up the different colours of foam, then aluminium was sprayed on to dull the bright silver down a bit.





To start adding weathering I first sprayed on boltgun metal, then tinbitz over that, mainly on edges, in corners and round any bits where rust/dirt would collect.
Still a long way to go to get the effect I'm after, but enjoying it so far.
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That armor is looking great. Your paint jobs is just as good as your ingenuity in scratchbuilding. Can't wait to see this done.


This looks great! Can't believe I missed it! I made the shin guards for my first pred using the same Thin foam\plasti dip method. Keep it up bud!


Thanks guys, glad you like it so far. had some spare time last night, so I managed to get some more weathering done.



I went back to chrome silver this time, using an almost dry brush to simulate chipped/worn metal and to highlight some of the shadows.
Just a dark wash to apply in some areas, then I think it's done.

The armour is a little bit darker than it shows in the pictures, I think it's because it's quite bright outside today

Next is the chest armour to paint, but it warped after applying the plastidip, so I've got to straighten it before painting.
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thanks pal, the warped chest armour was easy enough to fix with a heat gun, should hopefully be some pics of it finished this weekend.


The chest armour is now finished and weathered using the same technique, it's all just taped to the duct tape dummy for the photos, just the leather strap to finish now



It's all been coated with clear plastidip, the brush on type, hopefully that will give the paint some protection,
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