My bodysuit

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Guys I’m so excited …So before I contact Monsters Maker for my latex I went to Liquid latex world and I bought like 2 says it was Virgin latex with 2% ammonia .
Now I started applying it on the suit and the first layer took a while to dry , I put it on nice and plenty , then the second layer was a lot smoother and easier and today I’m up to 5 layers on the whole suit and let me tell you it looks awesome , I’m like a kid in a candy store , I think I want to go up to 10 layers , I know its an over kill but I want it to endure the abuse , and I will post some pics very soon again thanks for all your advice.


Heheheheh.... There's actually a store called "Liquid Latex World?"

Glad your materials are working out for you man. Be sure to post up some pics of your work!!! We're all curious to see how it's comin' along.


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Well I have a few suits and the thinner you go the better the suit will work. I have found less on the body suit the better it is to move in and less weight. The more you have the more stress you put on the body suit and less movement you will have to bend. If you have not worn a full latex body suit your going to find out how much toll it will take out on your body and the heat factor.