My Custom Neca 1/4Th Predator 2 City Hunter

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    Season’s Greetings!
    He’s in town for a few days to kill and I’m not talking about Santa!

    I was finally able to wrap up my Custom Neca 1/4th Predator 2 makeover. As you may or may not remember, I did a similar makeover to the original Neca 1/4th P1 last year.

    I originally planned to do a host a various mods when I first heard about the release of the P2; but since it came out late in the year and a combination of the holidays & winter cold meant that I had to scale back some of the mods and finish this custom quicker than usual.

    First off, I took it apart and gave it a fresh primer coating. Once the primer was applied, I was able to see the full potential of this figure. It has such nice sculpt that gets lost with the basic factory paint. Knowing this meant that applying a nice custom paint job would bring out the figure’s hidden details even further.

    For this Predator, ball joints are used for the upper top of the legs. This gives it more flexibility but I didn’t like the way the exposed ball joints looked. Knowing that it would be displayed on an upper shelf in my cabinet, those ball joints had to go. I couldn’t remove them so I did the next best thing, hide them.
    I ended up making a flexible skin layer to cover them up. Once applied & painted, the latex skin layer blends in quite nicely with the rest of his legs hiding the ugly ball joints while still allowing pose ability. I was going to do something similar to his rear end, but scrapped it since he would be viewed 99% of the time facing forward so I ended up leaving his * alone.
    The Bio-Mask shape & design looks great as is; unfortunately the surface texture is not to my liking. I think it looks a little too pitted for me. I ended up making a spare Bio to try out a few things; I found that the outcome of the spare Bio was acceptable so I decided to use it instead modifying of the original Bio-Mask.

    Next up was to drill out holes for the missing lasers lights & air hoses. I then added an actual visor mesh screen along with the missing air hoses on the opposite side which are not too visible.

    For the Wrist Computer, I originally had two mods planned and settled on just one. I created an operable Computer Door Panel that open & closes. Once opened, the computer door gives access to the illuminated predator symbols. This mod gives it a nice animated touch. I then added real metal framing to outline interior of the panel itself along with each section of the symbols.

    The shoulder cannon was another item I wanted to have animated. I added an LED light to simulate a laser blast. I ended up replacing the plastic right shaft of the cannon with a reshaped metal brass tube which I think looks better. I then added a part to the top round section of the extension arm to give it a bit more detail.

    For the Dart Net Gun, I removed the existing plastic molded darts and added some real very lethal stainless steel metal harpoon darts. To say these are sharp is an understatement. These metal Darts give the gun a nice visual finish. I decided to leave the darts in their stainless steel natural color rather than painting them. I also scratch made & added the missing trigger for the net gun. I was going to make it detachable, but one would have to be very careful with handling it with those razor sharp darts so I left it fixed.

    The Spear is one of the best accessories of the P2 but I wanted it held with his right hand like in the movie. Next up was to mod the hands and switch the spear to his right hand. I repainted the entire spear and also redid the symbols on the spear to replace the dots. His left hand was then modded to accommodate his bloody human trophy kill. For the skull & spine, rather than just be bloody, I also added a bit of flesh to give it a bit more gore. Now it looks nice & gross like it was just ripped out of somebody’s meatsuit!

    With all the fabrication work now complete, it was time to move to the painting phase. The Bio Mask, Dart Gun & Cutting disc were to have a slightly different look than body amour itself. I wanted them to look different, but also stay within the same color scheme.

    The waist & disc holster exterior was giving a leathery look while inside the disc holder was detailed to accommodate the metal disc itself.
    I ended up repainting all the dreads and detailed the beads & bone and then replaced the molded plastic rings with real metal rings.
    With the painting phase now complete, it was time to reassemble all the pieces. Once that was complete it was time to add the new body netting. The old netting was similar to the P1 which I didn’t like. The new netting really compliments the figure overall look. I left it on with a look of being a bit loose here & there.

    Next up was to replace all the elastic string holding his lower front & back amour plates, along with the string for the two satchels. I replaced all the string with a real leather cord.
    I then remounted the body amour to fit a bit more snug on his body. The knee pads were modded & mounted without those ugly elastic bands. The disc holster was also reseated to fit snug on his leg

    One of the problems I encountered was the height limitation in my cabinet to where this is going. I ended up scrapping a planned rooftop base and settled on a more shallow plain version because of this. This thing still ended up being a bit taller than I anticipated. I simply did not have another place to display him. In the end the basic base had to be set behind him in my cabinet as this thing was still bit too tall with it. Oh well, it still looks nice without it.
    I plan to shoot some video of it later once I get a chance.
    For now please enjoy!




















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  2. Guan Thwei

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    Okay this modification is just WAY TOO COOL !!! The lights and everything give it what it needs to be the ultimate figure. Still a shame that NECA could never had done this, but I know that the price would have been way higher had that been the case.

    REYALS Elite Hunter

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    Okay...I am officially in awe. Wow yo's...this is killer work. I cannot put into words the amazing job you have done.  :cool:
  4. EndoT800

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    Thanks for the kind words, but for some reason his amour looks a bit too golden in the pics. I suspect the lighting that day was the culprit. That amour color has a lot of layers so depending on the lighting it does change. Here are some pics I shot under different lighting and you can see that it's of its normal brownish color the way it normally looks. I may need to reshoot some new pics of him.






  5. Wolf Predator 1

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    * awesome work!!!
  6. the eldest

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    I WANT!!!!!
  7. Sun

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    Amazing repaint, better than hot toys' figure! However, where could find the body netting?
  8. Predlethe

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    That's the most impressive thing I've seen in some time. Very good work!
  9. EndoT800

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  10. Okami Skullcrusher

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    How about customize the smart-disc (open-position) when you do another lost hunter?
    Maybe also some lights on the disc ...
  11. uruk

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    simply oustanding. it's hard to take my eyes off this.

    now i'm begging on my knees;

    where did you get that net from? it's simply perfect.
  12. JehdinThwei

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    Just sick!!
  13. EndoT800

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    Here's a few new pics that I reshot over the weekend in my workshop that show the correct body amour color. The first pic is what I started with. You can see that the ball joints are no more in plain view. Enjoy! 











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  14. Lowdmekon

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    This is fricken assume Dude, the detail is awe inspiring. Where did you source the body net, as I'm just about start revamping my Masked P1?
  15. UnitedHerps

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    very cool!  i know you spent alot of time working on this to get it looking how it does right now....but i do have one question.....isn't the computer door suppose to open the other way.....away from the pred not towards the pred. 

    just curious???

  16. EndoT800

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    Nope. It opens down.

  17. uruk

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    again, mind sharing where's the netting from?
  18. EndoT800

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    I got this a long time ago while I was on vacation and had it saved in my stash of model supplies that I've collected over the years. I had this netting in my stash for quite a long time, but really didn't have any use for it until these 1/4th scale figures came out. I collect a lot of stuff that in turn I use to make my modded projects. I believe I got it from a tourist shopping area on the beach that sold seascape stuff like starfish & seashells. 

    again, mind sharing where's the netting from?
  19. Okami Skullcrusher

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    Never get tired watching this P2. Awesome work!
    What did you use for the spikes on the net-gunn?
    Can you post a pic witch shows the air-hoses and their connection?
    Also the cable-connection of the plasma-cannon?

    Neca will relase soon an unmasked P2.
    So when you maybe take care of this, add: - an battledamaged bio
                                                                        - some glowing in dark blood, wounds and torn netting
                                                                        - left gauntlet in ready- to-shoot-position
                                                                        - no blades on the right gauntlet
                                                                        - an opened medi-kit with instruments


    urbanhunter- (24).jpg
  20. uruk

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    thanks a bunch, now i know where to start.
  21. REYALS

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    Looking at this again tonight, one simply cannot deny the "!WOW!" factor of it. It is simply brilliant. 

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