my first bio drawing



Ok.....first let me say "interesting concept". Second let me give you a few pointers.....
1 The angle of the crown is ok but there needs to be a slight dome on the helmet.
2 there doesn't appear to be a ridge between the brow and the eye area.
3 This part would cause you the most grief if you came to sculpt it. You don't seem to have allowed for the cheek areas which stand proud of the lower jaw line and it would be better if you moved some of that cable detail below them, or at least had them curved around.
4 Final point is that the Bio should swoop in further towards the eyes from the back and then curve out and round to shield the lower jaw.
I know not everyone's an artist and I know that this explanation is probably not that clear, I should probably dig out some visuals, but I hope it gives you a few pointers to improve your design.