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Discussion in 'Predator Props' started by jaded, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    This has an interesting story behind it, a few weeks back I was watching a UFC pay-per-view and some fighter was wearing a bio-mask. I thought it was cool as hell, so I decided to make one. I did some research and found videos of homemade preds on youtube and then it was on. It is made primarily out of paper macheI started this mask before I found the Lair, now I am plan on making the entire costume. Please tell me what you think!!
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  2. one and only

    one and only Hunter

    For a paper mache' mask that is absoutely awesome!
    I'm sure that your costume will be pretty damn good!
  3. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    Thanks man, this was a trial by error process until I found the Lair. Kudos to MacGuyver, great huntorial.
  4. lethalshot

    lethalshot Blooded

    Very impressive for your first and the materials you used, good job.
  5. Sand Scout

    Sand Scout Blooded

    yes very nice good job man!
  6. Darth Veach

    Darth Veach Blooded

    Very inventive and a heck of a nice job! Gives me hope for my first build!
  7. Mortal Immortal

    Mortal Immortal Elite Hunter

    Nice well formed bio from paper and paste.
  8. delonghi

    delonghi Blooded

    thats well good nice helmet :lol:
  9. DangerDavey

    DangerDavey Hunter

    I agree with everyone else.

    Very nice job using the materials you had on hand!!!

  10. Dark Huntress

    Dark Huntress Blooded

    wow! That's impressive, I could'nt do that with paper mache lol.. good job!
  11. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    Thank you! Actually, creating the form was harder than the mache. I read MacGuyver's huntorial and his process with the Great Stuff expanding foam looks much easier. I plan on trying that next.
  12. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    Thanks, I think it looks "uneven" if you look at it head on, but it's a learning process. Do you have any pics of your projects?
  13. Phantom

    Phantom Hunter

    haha he came out wearing it because someone photoshopped this picture of him a while back

  14. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    That's how that got started?.....Crazy and funny
  15. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    Okay, here is an update of what I got goin on. I have sanded and smoothed the KD texture and added 2 layers of Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze. I drew some design lines to break the "plain look". After the glaze is dry I am using Krylon Fusion Hammered style paint (dark gray) as my finishing color. I have gray backer rod for the dreads and need to paint them black. I found out that Krylon's H20 Latex paint will not eat foam.....Anyone use it yet?.....Any other sugestions? Thanks!

    (If I decide to keep some of the design lines I am going to engrave them and paint them black with the airbrush so you can see them against the gray mask).
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  16. one and only

    one and only Hunter

    Could I just quickly ask, what are you making this over? (What are you sculpting the mask over? A helmet of some kind?)
  17. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    It's not sculpted over anything, both the dome and the mask were mached (and mached very thick by the way) and attached together. The only structure inside the mask are the paintball goggles.
  18. Chris The Fury

    Chris The Fury Blooded

    first off

    great bio! and very impressive for your first try! i made mine out of paper mache too. then sprayed it with plasti-dip and "knock-down" texture. turned out pretty good.



    the UFC fighter was Sokoudjou.

    and my boy, Lyoto Machida handed him his ass lol


    spray your backer rod with black Plasti-dip brand spray. it wont "eat" your dreds and it makes a flexible smooth black finish!

    keep up the good work
  19. Kspred

    Kspred Blooded

    stay away from krylon's H20 Latex paint. That stuff is balls. Use plasti-drip (spray) and then paint on top of that instead of using that crap from Krylon.
  20. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    Thanks for the warning, I "borrowed" the b-rod from work and would hate to ruin free pieces of material. Where is a good place to buy the Plasti-dip spray?
  21. Phantom

    Phantom Hunter

    I got mine from Harbor Freight, but its not the spray kind. oh and to Chris the Fury, I expected a way better fight, that was pathetic. you watching tomorrow?
  22. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    I stopped by the local Ace Hardware and found a can no problem......I will have pics of the painted bio up tonite after it dries. About the fight: If my brother buys it then, yes....if not then, no....I am cheap...LOL
  23. Jluck

    Jluck Blooded

    awesome job man! nething scratch built like that is waayy cool
  24. jaded

    jaded Blooded

    Woo-Hoo it's painted!! I just finished painting her up in my homemade paintbooth (aka my bathtub, I live in an apartment) . I am happy with her so far, especially the knockdown texture effect. I painted her up with Krylon Fusion hammered metal paint. Tomorrow is set aside for the dreadlocks. Although I am extremley happy with it, I think it looks almost "boring" compared to some of the designs floating around....Any suggestions, comments, etc?.....

    Here are the pics and the "homemade paintbooth" enjoy!
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  25. Kspred

    Kspred Blooded

    That is an awesome looking bio you made there, good job!

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