My first ever P1 Jungle Hunter biomask build.


So ive had this for a little while and decided to post to show you guys my work. Not the best, but then again ive not done a Predator before. Im into Star Wars mainly, but the Predator franchise has always been a close second. I myself think the Predator mask is one of the most iconic ever, and is up there with Vader, Fett and Stormtroopers.

Enjoy and any advice or criticism helpful! Photos are pretty crap as we have just moved and its buried somewhere!

P2 up next!!!


Lee27 that is good begining seriously! Work your imagination, let go yourself! (y) That is what i do.... For example you could put Yautja language words on your Bio....or try metallic colors on it or PATINE?! I had a coupl of real rings that i puted on my dreads to make them look more ''tribal'' and unique. Some people put feathers on their dreads which is an awesome idea. Now you just need a mask and a suit, also some armors etc...

Here is what i worked on the past week.... the same as you my P1 bio helmet :D